No Tea 4 BNP

Poor British National Party Nicky Griffin, he was so excited about his potential Cinderella moment and *WHAM* his pumpkin is still a pumpkin, his duds are still rags and all the rats around him are still rats.


Poor poor little Nicky…remember how excited he was?

But, there was no tea for Naziboy Nicky after all…

From The Sun

BNP leader Nick Griffin was banned from having tea with the Queen yesterday after being branded a security risk.

Furious royal aides withdrew the far-right politician’s invite to a Buckingham Palace garden party after he used it for political ends.

He went on GMTV to brag about meeting Her Majesty “over sandwiches”. He also posted a message on the BNP website, asking supporters to suggest questions he could put to Her Majesty.

The Queen … garden party host
Griffin, who was entitled to be invited as an MEP, boasted on the internet that he was taking “a million nationalists to the Palace”.

The Palace said “blatant” use of the invite for party political purposes increased the security risk and posed possible “discomfort” for other guests.

Griffin’s ban from yesterday’s bash came at the 11th hour and he later appeared on Sky TV while wearing his morning suit.

His guests, thought to be his wife Jackie and children, were also barred from the event, hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip.

Griffin, 51, moaned: “At no time was I informed I wasn’t allowed to talk to the media about attending.”

A Unite Against Fascism spokesman said: “It’s a fantastic decision. He was excited about being invited because it gave him the chance to legitimise himself.”

Former Palace spokesman
NICK Griffin was trying to the use the invite for political capital. In my view it was the correct decision to ban him.
He has nobody to blame but himself.
He made a point of inviting questions he should ask the Queen, who must not be dragged into the political arena.
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4 responses to “No Tea 4 BNP

  1. majii

    He had been warned about politicizing the event, did it anyway, and his invitation was revoked. Serves him right. Queen Elizabeth II has no political power and is only a figurehead. It would have caused a conflict having Griffin going to the garden party and pushing his political agenda. Good move by the queen! Maybe if he’s invited again, he’ll keep his big mouth shut.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      I can’t see why there even is still a queen if she has no political power.

      She sounds like a waste of the people’s resources and a re-enforcement of classism .

      Griffin is a joke, has the BNP ever had a rally with more than 20 people?

  2. Rudeboi

    I think we need to wonder why he was invited in the first place.

    If the queen is not political why bother with these people? Why? Maybe the queen is political and tried to keep her agenda covert. It’s really strange that out of all the people doing work in the U.K. she pick this clown. Please, someone enlighten me.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      I don’t think Griffin was picked for any special reasons, I think he was picked “also” among other UK politicos.

      I will leave a certain amount of grace for the fact that that it is still a different country and they have their own way of socializing.

      But, having said that, you make a very good point, if it was not a political event, they why were they inviting a whole slew of political types to be present?

      I say it really was a political event, but some kind of crazy British etiquette rule says you’re not allowed to call it one.

      I think what they are mad at is that Griffin put the spotlight on the event, and people with the crowns got caught with their royal pants down.