The NAACP Letter to Jim Webb!

King Salim Khalfani is a man of guts!

Members of the Organizing Committee for a Virginia People’s Assembly hold a protest / press conference outside the General Assembly Building Dec. 17 as Gov. Tim Kaine outlines his proposed budget cuts to state legislators. From left, Breanne Armbrust of Richmond Jobs with Justice, Phil WIlayto of the Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality and King Salim Khalfani, executive director of the Virginia State Conference NAACP. The action received wide media coverage.

Virginia NAACP condemns Webb op-ed on diversity programs

King Salim Khalfani Executive Director Virginia State Conference NAACP

July 26, 2010

The Honorable Jim Webb, Senator
United States Senate
225 Russell Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Re: Op-Ed Piece in the WSJ on the Myth of White Privilege!

Dear Senator Webb:

On behalf of the Virginia State Conference NAACP, its’ over 100-Adult Branches, College Chapters & Youth Councils we greet you as a fellow Life Member of our Association as we commemorate our 75th Anniversary the Diamond Jubilee at our State Convention, October 29-31, 2010 in the place of our founding Roanoke, Virginia. Senator Webb, we have read your piece entitled, “Diversity & the Myth of White Privilege.” We vehemently disagree with your analysis and wonder if serving in the elite, rich United States Senate has skewed your vision of the world in which we live. Your opponent then and coming George Allen would not have had the gall to write about the “myth of white privilege” even though I am sure he feels that way. In African culture, it is said, when people show & tell you who they are. Believe them!” Your written word has spoken volumes for your belief system.

It appears that you and U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul are kith and kin. Do you really believe that affirmative action has hurt white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants or are you pandering to the divisive, conservative, Tea Bagger types whose votes you will need in 2012? The true beneficiaries of affirmative action programs are white, Anglo-Saxon women…overwhelmingly. If a white, republican, ultra-right winger, or Rush, Beck or O’Reilly had written or spoken it, the world would have known about it. But, you have written it and it did not go unnoticed but it did not garner the attention that it should have. After the race baiting of the past week concerning the U.S.D.A. and the right-wing blogger who doctored the tape and the statistics that show the African (Black) community’s suffering disproportionately during this economic depression, one would think that you would have more sensitivity than to pen that science fiction. Have you advocated for the funding for the long overdue settlement for the Black farmers? John Boyd and the farmers need some help.

You have given cover & solace to those “who want to take their country back (from whom?), who want to reload not regroup, who think it is ok to spit on and use racial epithets against African members of the House of Representatives. Senator Webb, we need to meet to discuss your philosophy and other relevant issues like: bailouts for the rich and sellouts for taxpayers, the unethical profits of the oil companies at the expense of citizens, the Iraq & Afghanistan wars that are killing our soldiers and the economy, the outsourcing of jobs to India, China & Brazil at the expense of U.S. workers and a plethora of other life and death issues that you could have championed in the Wall Street Journal. Oh, did I forget…JOBS, JOBS, and more JOBS for the citizens of this country!

Does your colleague, Junior Senator Mark Warner concur with your belief? We will ask him as well. Well, fellow member of the NAACP, we look forward to your timely response and we can’t wait to meet you!


King Salim Khalfani
Executive Director

CC: Senator Mark Warner


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3 responses to “The NAACP Letter to Jim Webb!

  1. Rudeboi

    The reply brought tears to me eyes. Honestly. I feel so hurt and hopeless in this current U.S., I think we have moved in the wrong direction. I think other feel that Black people like myself do notiing but make up things to complain about. I feel like screaming most of the time just to make sure this isn’t some kinda nightmare. I have raised 5 children to be the best they can at whatever they do and then have to look at them knowing it doesn’t matter. Knowing you will always be seen as Black first. I get mad enough to chew nails but I must contain myself as to not live up to someone’s view of what I am. This country is killing fromthe inside and I suspect many other Black people as well.

  2. majii

    As someone who lived under segregation in this country and was thought of as a fourth class citizen, I want you to hold your head up high. You’ve done an exemplary job of raising your children. Please don’t get depressed, and always keep in mind that we are some of the strongest, most enduring people in this country. We have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing at all. I will not give anyone the satisfaction of knowing that he/she makes me feel bad about myself. We know what we have accomplished in less than 200 years of being free, and it doesn’t matter what they think. Their main goal is to make us the new enemy of the people to use as a distraction while they continue to carry out their plan of increasing their wealth and political power, but the only way they can do it is if we buy into what they’re selling. Be strong, keep praying, and don’t forget to urge everyone you know to show up at the state primaries and to show up at the General Election in November. Let’s replace our frustration with our votes and use them to send some of these members of Congress back home where they belong.

    • rudeboi

      Thank you, your words bring me comfort and remind me of what I already know. I do have my moments of clarity and that’s when I get it together and press forward. I know that the Most High sees us and knows what we need and get us there. I will hold my head up and get on with it. Thank you, again.