Join the “Burn Confederate Flag Day” Movement at a 9/12 T-Bag Party!

Jesus General is one of our favorite bloggers! And he has a great idea to start fun filled opposition to the nasty t-baggers when they have their obnoxious 9/12 t-baggery event.

Burn The Confederate Flag Day

Burn the Confederate Flag Day is a protest against the right’s exploitation of racial prejudice for political gain. We urge you to burn the Confederate flag, a long-time symbol of racial hatred, on Sept 12, the date when the racially-divisive Tea Party holds its annual hate fest.

Ways to get involved:
Host a flag-burning party on Sept. 12.
Tell us where and when you’re holding it, and we’ll publish a list of events.
Send us photos of the event. We’ll post them here.
Upload a video of the event onto YouTube. We’ll embed it or link to it.
Let them know we’re watching. Dress up like a clown and take a partially burned flag to a local tea party event (Don’t burn a flag at the event unless local laws allow it.)
Spread the word via Facebook (here’s our Facebook group), Twitter, and other social media.
Submit your own ideas, below in the comments. We’ll use them to update this list.
Place a banner on your blog, website, or social media profile. Here are a couple of examples you can use:

We also suggest that people tear up the confederate flags if you cannot burn them.

Or step on, spit, throw paint on them or even write funny things on them with Sharpies! BE CREATIVE!!!


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10 responses to “Join the “Burn Confederate Flag Day” Movement at a 9/12 T-Bag Party!

  1. Fuck the Confeds but save the planet

    Don’t burn flags. Destroy them in other ways but burning flags destroys the planet we all must live on and doesn’t harm the teabaggers any more than taking a crap on it or ripping it or writing stuff on it or wiping your ass with it or urinating on it or whatever. Heck do some street theater and use the confed flag as a diaper and pretend you are a teabagger baby whining about “””healthcare and taxes””” Like that Breitbart baby Mike Flugenhock did a few months ago that was posted up here.

    Many flags when burned release toxic chemicals into everyones air and it is also quite dangerous too do so as you could get hurt.

    Destroy the flag destroy it many times just don’t do anything that will harm other people that are not teabaggers. (Also keep in mind at teabagger events they sell those “don’t tread on me flags” and you can probably run and grab some and and then destroy ’em quickly in the crowd)

  2. WTFF? Don’t burn flags because they…

    Jeezus H. Christ. Fuckin’ Liberals. Don’t you have, like, a folk-song hootenanny or something you need to be at?

    • Fuck the Confeds

      Oh Mikey come on…I even mentioned your cartoon. Quitcha whinin’ you got recognition and I gave plenty of non-liberal ways to destroy a flag.

      If I was a liberal than that would make you a moderate and you aren’t a moderate and I sure as hell ain’t a liberal.

      How do you know so much about folk song hooteanannies…hmmmmm? Methinks thou doth enjoy it, no?

  3. The J

    I too do not like the confederate flag, but burning it is bold. Think about the amount of carbon dioxide produced? I say find a confederate flag and bury under a pile compost day.

  4. Rudeboi

    What I don’t understand, is why these still carry the banner of the losing side. I guess cause their losers.

  5. Parler White

    I agree with this, progressive should burn Confederate flags in public, and proclaim it to be a blow against racism. Do it at the tea parties, and when they react negatively, call them racists.

    It’s brilliant! Do it!

  6. Adam Bonfanti; Who is Posting From a Pentagon Computer

    You communists will eventually answer for your treason.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      We’re burning the flag of a seditious, treasonous entity that– in the course of waging open warfare against the United States– murdered, captured and enslaved free citizens of the United States and birthed an anti-government terrorist group. What’s more patriotic than that? Oh, I know: posting inflammatory political bullshit from your Department of Defense-furnished computer in the Pentagon. Waidaminnit, engaging in political activity while you’re on the military’s clock is in violation of the UCMJ, to say nothing of supporting a treasonous, secessionist ideology from your Army computer. You’ve got more traitor points than we’ll ever have!

    • vtomat Kalashnikova 47

      I’ll answer it while you pry the gun from my cold dead hands. I use the confederate flag for toliet paper and the “don’t tread on me” flag too wipe up dog piss and shit.

  7. Arslan Amirkhanov

    Adam, keep being a frustrated, whiny moron. The funny thing is you guys drone on about the founding fathers, the American revolution, and a host of other topics which you clearly know nothing about.

    Let me paint a picture for you Adam. You are on the losing side of history. Your Tea Party movement, if it has any electoral success, will only succeed in electing candidates who do nothing other than hand more public resources over to private capital, and destroy the economy even further. They will continue to run the country into the ground faster than the moderate conservatives and “liberal” democrats. America’s position in the world will decline as well, all because idiots like you can’t think for yourselves.