The Weekend of Islamophobia

Sunday August 22, 2010 New York City played host to an event resembling the closest thing to the Ku Klux Klan rally in Big Apple history.

The bases were loaded for the anti-Mosque protesters– they brought out a larger crowd than their Social Justice minded opponents and they had the advantage of being louder.

Cropped Photo of asterix611

They still dropped the ball and lost the game. They struck out with obvious xenophobia, fouled with the attack on an innocent person of color, and now have their favorite bloggess of hate Pamela Geller banging her head against the wall. This might put a damper on her fascism-fest with Geert Wilders on 9/11.

Our friend and affiliate Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project was there:


Three months ago, the neo-cons decided they needed to attack the Latino community with Arizona’s SB 1070 law.
Then they tried to attack African Americans by going after Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod by painting her as a racist.
They also went after the gay community by fighting to preserve the anti-same-sex marriage Prop. 8 in California.
Now they are turning up the heat on their anti-Arab/Muslim bigotry by trying to keep mosques and Islamic center from being built across the country, most notably Park 51, which is slated to break ground next year near the site of the World Trade Center in New York.
All of these attempts have been met with an opposition that has successfully blocked those efforts, but that is not stopping them from pushing the most shrill and divisisive rhetoric and actions into the mainstream.
That brings us to the Hate Islam rally that took place this Sunday in Lower Manhattan.
All this time the narrative has been that those opposed to Park 51 simply wants those building it to respect the sensitivities of the families of those killed in 9/11 and move the center.
You know, the same way that we were to respect the sensitivites of those who are victims of crime in the city. We saw what that got us: Blacks and Latinos demonized as criminals.
This time it is those who practice Islam are demonized as terrorists.
Well, if you thought that was sensitivity was the order of the day before this rally, you most certainly cannot say it afterwards, not with speakers who go so far as to disparage Muslims as not even participating in the Revolutionary War (they did), attendees going after a man walking through the crowd they just simply decided to call a Muslim (he wasn’t – as he told them several times), and – just to drive the point home – several people wearing Confederate Flag shirts, like the one in this picture second from the left holding a sign saying the “Mosqueraid is over”. Another one of these rallies takes place on Sept. 11, but after this one we’re not sure if anyone would want to be associated with this crowd of idiots.
Even Atlas Shrugs Pamela Geller disassociated herself from those idiots, and that’s saying something.
Despite a rather serious disagreement with her, we hope that she continues to do so and call these people out for the bigots they are. We will have video from this rally later in the week (the one that shows the crowd trying to attack the man they pretended to be Muslim is here after the jump), but for now here is our report.
One more thing to the neo-cons: What does it take for you to get that playing Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” at things like this makes you look stupid?

Yes, folks, they did that crap again!

And then there is this really interesting video:


Mondoweiss has an interesting article HERE with a photo of a guy wearing a tee-shirt from the JDL terrorist organization

The Terrorists Who Showed Up for Sunday Were on the Anti-Mosque Side


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8 responses to “The Weekend of Islamophobia

  1. Adam Bonfanti; Who is Posting From a Pentagon Computer

    The rallies were not to oppose the religion of Islam. They were to oppose the LOCATION of the mosque. Nobody is saying that muslims can’t worship as they choose, they just do not want a terrorist victory monument so close to Ground Zero. You liberals pulled the same crap in Arizona with SB 1070, lying and saying that it was racial profiling when SB 1070 was exactly the same as the federal law. You just don’t want the free ride to end. Arizona decided to solve their own problem, but you ill-legitimate communist leftists cried wolf like the enemies of the state that you are.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      The group who sponsored this rally is “stop the islamification of america.” They had Robert Spencer speak, who honestly believes muslim ninja boogeymen are lurking behind every corner. They screamed, hooted and hollered at a black man who was walking through the crowd because he “looked muslim.” The crowd chanted “No more mosques.” Pamela Gellar is going to have the openly racist Dutch politician Geert Wilders– who has widely documented neo-fascist ties– speak at a hideously exploitative and explicitly anti-islam rally on 9/11 at Ground Zero. The anti-mosque movement is clearly born of anti-arab racism, pure and simple. Why can’t you waste Army and DoD time by surfing pornography like everyone else? At least then, when “” comes up on the logs of midget shemale porn sites, it won’t be the only .mil!

    • Komrade Palin and the Beck's present Teabagging the Moslem Socialists

      Why don’t you whine about the mosque at your work??? It seems to be working just fine and dandy right near the site of the 9/11 attack. Besides what is wrong with the location of the community center? I mean if the house of worship directly in the Pentagon where you work or are at least are posting from then what is the problem with a community center 2 blocks away from what is now a construction pit (hardly a monument too those who died on 9/11 or after it due to toxic dust and chemicals and what not)

      Methinks this has nothing to do with location. I mean other than the location of Muslims and other “darkies” near good pure christian whites.

      Plus the guy who is working on it works for the fucking state department and has done work for the C.I.A. and probably at the Pentagon where you are posting from. Not too mention he was invited too speak at the World Economic Forum. Hardly a guy who screams extremist terrorist. But then again all Muslims must be terrorists because there are a small few extremists within the group that most mainstream Muslims don’t support. I guess by that logic all computer users are hackers who steal bank accounts because there are a few hackers out there.

      Pentagon boy, you are a sad sack of shit and probably a closet commie since you talk about them so much. Get a real job and a real life. As LLL said maybe you should watch some porn it might calm you down and make you into a more decent person.

  2. majii

    I don’t believe that the majority of the protesters are upset about the way the carpenter was treated. Many of them are probably giving each other high fives today and saying, “We showed “them” not to mess with us!”

    Ignorance should be classified as a mental illness.

  3. Arslan Amirkhanov

    Adam, when you claim that a Mosque(which is not really a Mosque) near Ground Zero would be a “terrorist victory monument”, you are equating Islam with terrorism. I am terribly sorry but there is absolutely no way to claim otherwise. If you do not equate Islam with terrorism and 9-11, then there is no reason to get upset with the location.

    I also find your “Communist” comment hilarious. For the record, I am a Communist and I don’t appreciate being confused for a liberal. But then again you guys constantly drone on and on about the Cawnstitooshun and freedom, and here you are wanting not only to deny religious freedom to some people based on the location of a community center, but you also want to interfere with people’s private property rights. Your support for SB 1070 also shows how little frightened conservatives such as yourself care about the constitution.

    Freedom for you, no freedom for women to control their own bodies, no freedom for Muslims and religions you don’t like, no freedom for gays to marry, or freedom for Latinos. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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  6. Islum are Terrorism

    Mounting Opposition To New York Islamic Center

    Claiming the neighborhood where the Twin Towers once stood is sacred ground, radical conservative groups are spearheading opposition to the construction of a nearby Muslim community center, a facility that would include a swimming pool and a 9/11 memorial and be located more than two blocks from the attack site. Here are some other projects currently facing controversy:

    New York—New Citibank ATM vestibule just two blocks from site of devastating financial collapse

    Elizabeth, NJ—Bed, Bath, and Beyond on sacred IKEA grounds

    Pearl Harbor, HI—P.F. Chang’s location a reasonable cab ride away from the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial

    Philadelphia—British consulate on hard-won U.S. soil

    Terre Haute, IN—Frito-Lay display planned for Baesler’s Market is an affront to the fact that Terre Haute was the original U.S. test market for Pringles

    Culver City, CA—Comedy club built next to the site where that disaster Grown Ups was filmed

    Provincetown, MA—Organic artisan cheese stand set up next to raw cashew cheese booth at farmer’s market

    Lakehurst, NJ—Balloon store only three miles from site of Hindenburg crash

    Olathe, KS—Barnes & Noble