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Another Shot of Ugly…

The Face of Right Wing Ugly

Just incase anyone wanted a better picture of the nasty looking creature from the NYC anti-Muslim hatefest wearing the KKKonfederate flag shirt…..


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Grow Some Balls and Oppose Glenn Beck’s 828 Rally!

Lonesome Roads Beck is a despicable media caricature, but we all knew that.

When he announced that he was staging a media circus on the anniversary of the famous civil rights leader Martin Luther King’s speech, we thought he was joking.

But, he isn’t.

He is setting up a rally to “restore whiteness” back into America and to kill off any kind of impact the civil rights movement has accomplished.

He is planning this rally with the defender of those who use the N-word, Sarah Palin at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, August 28 at 10:AM.

Is there any opposition to this? Yes, apparently there is!
Saturday, August 28, 2010 | 11:00 a.m. | Dunbar High School | 1301 New Jersey Avenue NW | Washington, DC | Rally and March to the King Memorial

PDF of Flier HERE

More from the National Action Network


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Now the Video: More From the Hatefest In Manhattan

As we posted earlier our friend and affiliate Daryle Lamont Jenkins from One People’s Project was in attendance and reporting from the Manhattan Hatefest this past weekend.


DLJ just got finished editing the video he took of all the cryptic Islamophobic speeches that were spewed from the podium so now everyone can see how rotten and full of maggots the Big Apple has become.

From One People’s Project:

We are starting this link off after the jump with our new video from the hatefest that took place in Lower Manhattan last Sunday.
It will help put things in perpective when you read how a guy the next day in Manhattan would attack a cab driver for being Muslim.
Now everyone is confused by the attack because 21-year-old Michael Enright (pictured) works for a group that supported Park 51, the Islamic Center that is slated to be built near the World Trade Center site, sparking the latest controversy hate-propaganda campaign from the right. Ironically, although the man he attacked was not supportive of the project.
Whatever the case may be, it is more than apparent what kind of climate is being fostered with the right’s campaign.
On Aug 26, Former Governor George Pataki was asked about the attack on MSNBC and the fact that it comes so soon after the right’s ratchting up of tensions against Muslims.
Without missing a beat Pataki implied that it is just another reason why Park 51 should not be built so close to the World Trade Center site. That callousness, plus the fact that those who came out to the hate-rally on Sunday are attacking other mosques and Islamic centers across the country, is all the more reason why Park 51 must go forward with their current plans.
Not only that, but we all need to start going hardcore against the people that have been pushing this brand of Islamophobia unchecked for the past decade. Over the summer this same crowd has mounted campaigns against Hispanics, Blacks, Gays, and now Arabs/Muslims – while at the same time, acting appalled that they are being called racist and bigoted.
But to quote one of those bigots, a shrill Islamophobe named Beth Gilinsky, “We know what you are, we know what this is, we are not fooled!

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