Hate and Violence in Tennessee Brought to You By Laurie-Cardoza Moore

The ripples from the NYC anti-Muslim/anti-Mosque hatefest are spreading nationwide as we now have reports of violent responses to the building of a Mosque in Tennessee.

Funny how Tennessee pops up in this picture because Tennessee resident and nasty racist Laurie-Cardoza Moore was one of the more horrible speakers at the NYC anti-Muslim event.

Cardoza is a Christian who uses pseudo philo-semitism to validate her racism against Muslims, and gave a baffling speech at the recent NYC anti-mosque event– claiming that Muslims can’t be “real Americans” because they didn’t fight in the Revolutionary war.

What this dingbat doesn’t seem to grasp is that most of the “real American New Yorkers” she thought she was kissing up to don’t have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary war either. And she’s flat out wrong: Muslims did fight in the Revolutionary war

Using 9/11, nationalism, Zionism and xenophobia, Cardoza spewed hate from the podium in NYC. We can see how she has incited the violence and destruction of construction equipment in her own home town.

From One People’s Project

Murfreesboro, TN is about 943 miles from New York City, and the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has been in town for about twenty years, but that hasn’t stopped the Islamophobes from mounting opposition against its expansion.

For good measure, one of the chief hatemongers out of Nashville against that center named Laurie Cardozo-Moore treked up to the Aug. 22 rally in Lower Manhattan to lend her support and speak to those opposing Park 51, the Islamic Center that is being built there.
Now the narrative has been that Park 51’s construction was not respecting the sensitivities of the families who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center a few blocks away from where the center is being built.

It simple: Park 51 is a center for Muslims, Muslims bombed the World Trade Center, hence all Muslims are accountable for Sept. 11, even the ones who have denounced those who did the attack – like Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, the man building Park 51. That narrative took a serious beating as speaker after speaker went on about things which had nothing to do with Sept. 11 and Park 5, especially Laurie Cardozo-Moore who decided to attack Muslims for not signing the Declaration of Independence and fighting in the Revolutionary War (she was wrong about that one, by the way). On Saturday, a week after that rally, construction vehicles were set on fire at the site of the Murfreesboro expansion.
Police are saying it is arson. This, by the way, comes five days after the attack on a NYC cabbie because he was a Muslim – one day after the rally. It is particularly curious that with the exception of this video produced by us, you don’t find too much footage of the speeches from the rally, not even from the organizers. We can’t blame them to be hones, but after this attack in Murfreesboro, we thought it would be a good idea to give you their Cardoza-Moore’s speech there as we taped it. It will give you an idea of the hate that created the climate we see down there.


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  6. sherri Kooperman

    As a Jew I find Laurie Cardoza -Moore repulsive. Her speech at the ground zero hate fest was odd at best. She needs to study history. Some people think she is a friend of Israel. I do not. She only believes in freedom of her approved vision of religion. She is perfect for thr tea party but NOT America. Her hate speech only endangers. our troops. People like her scare the hell out of me!!

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