Erik Prince is *PWND* By Pink!

Erik Prince's Compound/Mansion: 1106 Mill Ridge, Mclean, VA

Remember the scuzzy war criminal group “Blackwater” who now calls themselves “XE”?

They are a nasty group of blood thirsty mercenary murderers for the Bush Admin who are guilt of senseless killing sprees of hundreds of innocent people in Iraq.

Now Prince claims to be moving to the United Arab Emirates to dodge convictions for his war criminal activities or is he?????

Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin has nerves of steel and she decided to take a little trip to McClean Virginia and knock on the door of Erik Prince’s blood money mansion and what she found was very interesting….



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2 responses to “Erik Prince is *PWND* By Pink!

  1. Stay outta jail

    NOTE to activists doing home demos in VA or other unfamiliar territory:
    DO NOT WAIT FOR THE COPS TOO SHOW UP! Do a quick demo or whatever and if you are on private property and you are asked to leave you should just head out either to public property or get the hell out entirely and head back later or not. If you notice special forces types don’t go into a house, complete their mission and then decide too wait around for the enemy too surround them. It is simple basic logic.

    Jail seems like a really cute or cool thing to do “yeah man I went to jail I am hardcore” but really it is a depressing place lacking of “liberty and justice for all”. It is a barren wasteland full of mostly people who don’t belong there and thugs with guns and badges. They take away your identity and your freedom and the food really sucks.

    Glad that people are doing risky home demos like this just wish they would be smarter about them.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      There was an obvious reason why Medea getting arrested was a good thing, she now has documentation that Joanna Prince is living in that house because Joanna was the one who filed the complaint.

      Her presence in that house is now public record.