10.2.10 – March on Washington for One Nation

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When is the March?
Saturday, October 2, 2010. We will begin at 12:00 noon and will end at approximately 4:00 pm.

Where is the March?
The March takes place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial located on the National Mall in Washington DC.

Is the event open to the public?
Yes, this event is open to the public. This event is also a family friendly event.
We are One Nation, born from many, determined to build a more united America – with jobs, justice and education for all.

We are young people, frustrated that society seems willing to spend more locking up our bodies than educating our minds, yet still we find ways to succeed and shine.

We are students and newly-returned veterans – persevering in the face of mounting debt – determined not to be the first generation to end up worse off than our parents.

We are baby boomers and seniors – who saw hope killed in 1968 and will not let the dream of a united America be taken from us again.

We are conservatives and moderates, progressives and liberals, non-believers and people of deep faith, united by escalating assaults on our reason, our environment, and our rights.

We are workers of every age, faith, race, sex, nationality, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and ability – who have suffered discrimination but never stopped loving our neighbors, or our nation.

We are American Indians and Alaska Natives – citizens of Native nations – who maintain our cultures, protect our sovereignty, and strength America’s economy.

We are the new immigrants, raising our children in the torchlight of the Statue of Liberty, while confronting the shadows that are bigotry and mass deportations.

We are the native born. We inherited the divided legacies of settlers and American Indians, black slaves and white and Asian indentured servants. And yet, in this moment of shared suffering, we rejoice in newfound friendships and new alliances.

We are people who got thrown out – thrown out of our jobs, schools, houses, farms and small businesses – while Wall Street’s wrongdoers got bailed out. We are families who pray every day – for peace and prosperity; for deliverance from foreclosures; for good jobs to come back to urban and rural America.

We are unemployed workers – forced to watch hopes for bold action dashed – because some Senators threaten filibusters, and other would-be champions fold in fear.

And yet, we are the majority – fueled by hope, not hate. We have the pride, power and determination to keep ourselves – and our country – moving up and out of the valley greed created.

And most importantly – from ensuring women are treated fairly at work, to expanding health care coverage for millions– we have been victorious whenever we worked together. We have proven the only thing we need to succeed is each other


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9 responses to “10.2.10 – March on Washington for One Nation

  1. Liberal Non-profits are FAIL

    Bunch of corporate shills and non-profits coming together for yet another march about stuff and things. They will come, leave their trash everywhere, hock schwag, ask for donations, take a cute picture and then go home and none of this will have made much of an impact.

    Peace love and togetherness aka lets all get together in D.C. and break the world’s record for most people singing kumbaya at once. I think the record stands at two.

    “we are the majority – fueled by hope”

    • ladylibertyslamp

      And you’ll be there…:-D

    • majii

      I’m glad to be associated with what you call “liberal non-profits.” It’s better than being the puppets of corporatists like Armey, Murdoch, and the Koch Bros. whose main concern is using some on the right to further their own agendas. At least I think for myself and don’t depend on the non-news network to tell me what to think/do/believe.

      If the tea party groups had kept the corporatists out, the majority of Americans wouldn’t think that the crazies have taken over the Republican Party. Chuck Hagel even says the crazies are running the party, and that the republicans have offered no solutions to the serious problems we face except a big fat NO to everything President Obama and the democrats have suggested.

      Anyone can be guilty of flawed thinking, but it takes a real gullible person to let someone else tell him/her what to do.

      The Bible speaks of hope and change. Hope is a key feature of Christianity, along with charity, love, and faith.

      The Old Testament warns Christians NOT to yearn for the past, so that means that we should be able, through our faith in Christ, to deal with changes in our lives/world.

      Now, just what do you have against these biblical teachings?

      • Liberal Non-profits are FAIL

        I guess I didn’t make it clear but I am not a teabagger but an anarchist. (FUCK THE TEABAGGERS) I have been doing protests and studying politics and ideologies and history and all that shit and have been an anarchist for probably 8 years now. I have seen marches like this come and go, come and go, come and go and nothing has ever come from them. Loads of money is wasted on something that cannot enact change.

        Peace and unity cannot come under capitalism. The only way too those is if we uproot and destroy capitalism. Unlearn all the speciesism, racism, sexism, homophobia, hetero-sexism, ageism, ableism, classism…
        Capitalism is a violent and bloody system of oppression that cannot provide any sort of peace or any equality. We have a duty now and for the future (we are DEVO…LOL) too take down capitalism by any means necessary otherwise it will keep taking us down.

        As far as the march and being opposed to corporatism you should look into the sponsors. NCLR gets money from Ford, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, CitiGroup, AstraZeneca, Shell Oil, Coca Cola, Con Agra, GM, Bank of America, MillerCoors, Verizon, Krapt Foods and the list goes on. Many of those companies have and some still are being protested for labor abuse, animal abuse, corruption, environmental destruction and war profiteering. Not exactly something worth supporting, no?
        Plus the AFL-CIA has worked with bosses and CEOs in the past and present too hurt workers and is basically a corporate union rather than a worker’s union. SEIU is very similar as are most of the other unions listed as supporters of the march. Plus they have gotten support from a police association (no matter what color skin tone cops prevent equality and unity and put innocent people in their graves or in prison or ruin their lives)

        I will say the march is better than the teabaggers but not anything that will bring about equality or will stand for true peace, love and unity. It is a feel good march not a let’s fucking do shit march that will bring real change. It was a lot of people who supported Obama who has shown himself over and over and over too be working for the corporations and the right wing not the people.

        Now switching topics just a tad. The bible was written by man (at least one written by a rich straight white guy with a lot of power and blood on his hands) however the ten commandments were supposedly actually written by god. Though we must keep in mind that nobody has found the existence of a god or gods in this universe and there really isn’t much proof of that possibility of existence. Yes there are some decent lessons that one can learn from various religions but religions have created a lot of strife and blood and hatred throughout the years.

        As LLL said I might be there documenting and just watching the spectacle as I have with various other rallies and marches. However I do not support their idea of one nation because it still promotes the idea of borders and nations. That idea creates divisions and disunity. I want a world free of bombs, borders and bosses. Where people and animals can live totally freely in harmony with nature and each other. Where we don’t exploit each other but understand and care for each other regardless of any differences we may or may not have.

        Also just one last quickie note (I know this has been really long) I have no issue with you Majii you have written great comments in the past and any anger I have is not directed at you or at LLL (because they know I love ’em and will love ’em for life) but at what we have created and allowed to flourish as a society. Capitalism was and is created by humyns and if we don’t fight it, it will grow and destroy us and everybody and everything around us.

  2. Rudeboi

    I think I agree with LNPF. Enough marching, marches are about as effective as voting. Just there to make you think we matter. These don’t give a shit if we march, their program is in place and it ain’t no stopping it. As long as we watch 70 hours of tv a week, we are for the most part impotent. I wish it would help but they just adjust the program accoundingly. “wake up” sounds good on a tee shirt but that’s it. Sorry so negative but reality is a cold hard bitch.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Deep down we all agree with LNPF, but after Beckapoloooza I would like to see at least some number from our side kick his rally in the butt.

      I also know LNPF will probably end up coming to the march begrudgingly anyways, if anything, just to hang out with us so we can give him nooogies and wedgies, and he is one of the few amongst us who can actually cook.

      After being around 100K nasty dough-headed morons, I want to be around 100K of those who at least have some sense.

      This is not our big moment, but it can be one of our better ones.

      • LNPF

        What can I say I have a passion for cooking and a love of spectacles. It is always interesting seeing some of the shit that slogs through the Swamp City aka Dead City aka the Last Plantation aka good ole’ Washington D.C. sometimes it is good shit and sometimes bad shit.

        If we get enough people maybe we can go down too the old pentagon and levitate it…hahahahahaha. Or better yet sway together:

      • “Down with” cannot begin to describe how strongly I agree with LNPF. At this event, there’ll be no direct confrontation or calling out of Obama for his worthless healthcare “reform”, his water-carrying for corporate interests, or his phony Iraq troop withdrawal, or his escalation of the war in Afghanistan. It’s going to be basically like the big abortion rights mobe in ’04: a great big Democratic Party GOTV event, every bit as narrow and partisan as the Teabagger rallies — and, what’s worse is that the October 2 event will do what the Democrats need for it to do, which is to suck energy from and weaken the Left. The Sharpton crowd on the 28th couldn’t muster up the cajones to confront the Teabaggers directly, and October 2 sure as hell isn’t going to come even close to laying the blame for the current situtation where it belongs — on Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

        That said, I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m actually looking forward to this, if only to be out covering an event that at least is somewhat on our side again, after over a year of covering Teabaggers, born-again nutbars, gun freaks and all other manner of fascist kooks whose events make me want to take a long hot shower afterwards — like that freak show at the Lincoln Memorial week before last. The Teabagger crowd is certainly an endless source of cheap laffs, but it gets depressing after awhile, especially considering how lame the US Left has become in the past couple of years.

  3. Rudeboi

    I’m under the strong belief that the left and right don’t really exist. They are put there to keep people on the left and right. That being said, what we really have here is people who believe in the faux American dream and people who were awakened by cold water to the face. Wait…..let me get a towel. Okay, much better now.