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*UPDATE* On the English Defense League’s Criminals Visit to NYC.

We mentioned in our previous article about how that racist skinhead group calling itself “The English Defense League” made a splash in NYC with the Islamophobes, and how their fearlesscrybaby leader “Tommy Robinson” was turned away by the TSA at JFK. We have just learned that they and their hotel rooms were raided and searched by the FBI.

Call a Waaahhmbulance

We can’t say much for the efficiency or competence of Homeland Security or the JTTF, but sometimes they get things right. The fact that a racist EDL skinhead named Ronnie Burgess is moaning and crying like a small child over being treated like the terrorist he is should attest to that. Oh, the indignity of being treated like one of the brown people the government is supposed to harass!

Another discovery we made thanks to the stellar work of 1millionunited.org is the real identity of the so-called “Tommy Robinson.”

The real name of the leader of the EDL is “Paul Harris.” No, wait! It’s “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon” (who needs this many fake identities?)

From 1MillionUnited

Exposed as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon in June of this year, 1MU did some investigating into his criminality recently, following on from an admission by Yaxley-Lennon himself – AKA Tommy Robinson – that he was facing charges of money laundering and mortgage fraud; a confession he seems to have conveniently forgotten he ever made publicly.

Of course, “Tommy” claims that he’s really Paul Harris. What this dope apparently overlooked is that a fake passport will get you booted right out of the country, especially if the name on your fake passport is the one associated with a number of arrests, is subject to a police investigation and is out on bail with orders not to leave the country.


What a nasty mess this group is, and they’reidolized by the morons of racism at the NYC HATEFEST 2010


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