From the Gossip Column: Neo-Nazi Bill White in Solitary Confinement!

Bill White at Nazi Rally in Orlando FL

This is not a breaking news story, in fact we are not even sure how factual it is because we found this story on a blog in support of Bill White while he is serving his time in prison for threats against individuals.

From the Bill White Trial Blog

The staff wanted Bill White to go into a “protective” unit when he got back from Roanoke. Bill White refused protection; he always goes into the general population, if he can. Then Bill got in a fight, see below, and he has been “in the hole” or in solitary, since September 3rd. He believes that he would have been found the victim of assault, but the staff already considered him uncooperative and wanted him segregated, anyway. (He was not injured in the fight, except for a scratch to the face.)

Now, the quote from White, which is pretty funny and why we do miss the Bill White drama on

“I am being held in solitary confinement and being prohibited from accessing the administrative and legal paperwork I need to get out of here.

You can’t imagine how bad this situation is.

It looks like I will be here at least three more weeks, and they are trying to prohibit me from entering population again. This is really obscene – but they take away your means to stop abuse and then abuse you.

But, wait there’s more…

“I have been placed in solitary for “fighting” after a black inmate who hates “racists” pulled a “check in move” crime and assaulted me in my room. I am physically unhurt – when things went badly for the Negro he pushed me in front of a camera, then claimed he was assaulted…this confinement is much worse than any potential physical injury [from other inmates].”

Bill White

Too bad we don’t have a copy of the footage from that camera…LOL!

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  1. majii

    Surely he doesn’t think the guards and other prisoners are willing to put up with the BS he gets away with outside of prison? I can imagine that the reason he’s in solitary is because the camera showed that he was at fault.