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The Internet vs. Corporate Greed: Update From the Front Line

It needs moar desu!

With prior warning of the attack, the MPAA hired the services of DOSARREST, a company that provides protection against direct denial of service attacks. Understandably, the DDOS attack against the MPAA’s website was not successful. Thousands of internet users enraged at the freedom-crushing practices of greedy capitalist corporations were not placated by this strategy, and quickly moved to target known anti-piracy websites. The result of the MPAA blocking Anonymous’ attack was the full strength of the raid force being directed at smaller websites that did not have the money or resources to hire the expensive (yet temporary) services of DOSARREST.

ACS:LAW, a British law firm infamous for sending out 10,000 “blackmail” letters against suspected filesharers was targeted and taken down in a matter of seconds. Aiplex, the company hired by the MPAA to DDOS The Pirate Bay, remains down. Earlier today, Anonymous also mounted a “Googlebomb” campaign to have “Robert Pisano MPAA CEO Arrested for Child Molestation” appear as top searches on Google.

Moar updates to come.

The rage of the internet will not be denied.

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