Justice for Parrot

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Dog lovers and activists protest murder of dog by police
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22 Sep 2010
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On Adams-Morgan Day,a DC cop shot and killed a dog in cold blood. It wasn’t enough to get a knee in the dog’s ribs try and choke him out, he threw the dog down the stairs and shot him. A little over a week later, animal rights protesters and dog lovers showed up in front of MPD’s headquarters at 300 Indiana Avenue NW.

One sign showed Parrot, saying “If I were a poodle I would still be alive.” A banner condemned police violence in general.

Protesters demanded that the offending cop be fired, and pointed out that he has a record of killing one of his OWN dogs, and also appears on facebook with a dead deer. A cop like this should be treated as someone working up to shooting people next.

It is widely suspected that Parrot was really killed for being a pit bull. Hmm-seems to me that MPD also shoots people for who they are, especially if they are not white. With an attitude like this, is it any surprise that dogs are shot for who they are as well?

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  1. Piper

    That dog looked contained…Of course he is going to run back up the stairs after be thrown down, he was looking for his rescue person..he was probably hurt and in shock.. That cop was after Parrot because he was part pitbull..But of course he had to kill Parrot, he was charging him…Every cop that kills a dog has that same BS story….and all the boys in blue back them up..Same old story different victim…Why didn’t they shoot the poodle? He started the fight…….