Ministry Of Sound, You’re Next!

Gallant Macmillan Ministry of Sound about to get PWND!!!!

Anonymous’ plans of attacking the website of London-based copyright attorneys Gallant Macmillan were abruptly put on hold today, as the target chose to take down their own site rather than weather the deluge from the Anonymous packet storm. The target was quickly migrated to the website of the British nightclub and record label Ministry of Sound. This site went down with ease and as of this posting, remains down.

Anonymous claims that this raid is due to the Ministry of Sound’s position as the top client of Gallant Macmillan. This attack adds to the weeks of electronic civil disobedience waged by anonymous internet users as a means of voicing outrage over draconian enforcement of badly-written copyright laws drafted by the music industry.


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  2. Rudeboi

    GOOD, keep your foot in their asses