Our Newest Friend At The IWW

We have made a new friend at the IWW, the Industrial Workers of the World union!

Our new friend, Mike B, has been doing some pretty impressive things as of late, and we would like to point out his blog “Wobbly Times” along with some pretty cool articles from them taking a stand against fascism.

Here are some lead-ins with links…

Wobbly Times Number 16

Jul 29, 2009
Fascism demands hierarchical, political obedience to the authority of the leader. What was demoralizingly decadent in the liberal democratic Weimar Republic was the lack of a ‘Fuehrerprinzip’ (leader principle). …

Wobbly Times Number 33

Nov 27, 2009
Fascism would be in the upper right hand corner and bureaucratic socialism in the upper left hand corner. Liberal capitalist democracy would be to the right of the centre point and the liberal social democracy on the left side of the …

Wobbly Times Number 54

Apr 28, 2010
Fascism is an epithet thrown around a lot by politicos. I think it’s best to go to the source for a definition of what fascism is/was. Fascism isn’t just any sort of authoritarian rule, it’s a specific form of dictatorship which has …

Please give his blog a visit!


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One response to “Our Newest Friend At The IWW

  1. David Stebbing

    lyrics by Garrison Keillor (to the tune of “Union Maid”):

    There once was a union cat
    Who on the table sat
    At contract talks
    And for a box
    She often used the boss’s hat.
    She wore a union sign
    When she walked the picket line.
    At the running dogs
    Of the capitalist system
    She arched her back
    And hissed ’em.