Welcome Back, Keith Olbermann!



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2 responses to “Welcome Back, Keith Olbermann!

  1. M’eh.

    Remember his count of the number of days since George W. Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq? When’s Olbermann going to start a nightly count of the number of US military dead since the “withdrawal” from Iraq?

    I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Snewzzzzzzz

    Scarborough was fired after doing the same shit. Looks like MSNBC is starting to realize they cannot be biased anymore after the backlash from Olbermann.
    Honestly though both Olbermann and Scarborough are commentators not actual news men (because those don’t really exist) so I don’t see why you would use rules for news men on them. A commentator should be allowed to be stupid with their money and give it too the jackoffs running for whatever worthless position. I will say Olbermann at least was more factual and acted a little more like a news man but lets be honest news has turned into nothing but commentary because an honest news report would be boring.
    “10 people died today at 4:05 EST in a fire” Sounds and looks boring so you have to spruce it up and naturally humyns are opinionated so they are going to add their opinion. It is what happens like it or not.