Wikileaks survives!

We echo the sentiment our friend Mike Flugennock posted on his blog:

It’s often been said, ever since the days of Usenet and Tiananmen Square, that the Internet
interprets censorship as damage and routes around it. As it was in those bygone days, so it is today, as the US State pressures Wikileaks’ “cloud” provider and DNS service to take steps in an attempt to silence

The problem is — at least, if you’re the US State, it’s a problem –Wikileaks can still be reached on the Web via any number of alternate links, such as through its numeric “dotted quad” IP addresses here and here. It can also be reached through its alternate domains in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

I’d like to encourage everyone reading this to follow that grand old Web censorship-defeating tradition of “mirroring” and passing alternate links around, and post these links to your blog or Web site:

Tough luck, Barack. Better luck next time, Hillary.

We’ll keep on top of updated IPs.


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4 responses to “Wikileaks survives!

  1. Kraftwerk über alles

    Apparently the whole Assange “rape” case is just a matter of him having consensual sex without a condom but the world governments and interpol just wanting to shut him down…total fucking bullshit. I mean Assange should be chastised for not wearing a rubber but not from the terrorist scum at Interpol. It really doesn’t matter though because Wikileaks cannot be taken down or out. Wikileaks is forever!

  2. Kraftwerk über alles

    The hall of mirrors:

  3. Kraftwerk for revolution

    WikiRebels-the documentary:

    You can has teh Julians but you cannot stop teh leeks.