Delusional Teabaggers to Attempt to Overthrow the Government…Yet Again

Timothy Davis ( 4033 Dogwood Ct. Loveland CO, 80538 US Tel. +001.9709629578

Meet Timothy L. Davis, a bottom-feeder fringe nutter in the world of teabaggers.

Yet another in a long line of fame-minded opportunists who are convinced that society is on the cusp of another southern secession, he fancies himself at the vanguard of a murky, ill-defined populist uprising.

Like other political opportunists who have come before him, he too has a poorly defined plan to overthrow the evil commie/nazi dictatorship– but his master plan to take over the world will succeed where one hundred percent of all previous attempts have crashed and burned!

You see, his master plan is–wait for it– to lay siege to federal offices!

He and his cohorts plan to stage a rally in DC on January 21st where they will announce their intention to besiege the offices of their representatives until “Obamacare is repealed, the federal reserve is audited and ended and our rights are recognized by every government agency.”

That probably sounded better than the original slogan of “We’re angry teabaggers who missed our chance at the limelight last year when people wanted to listen to our racist bullshit.” To be honest, the latter was a lot less nebulous than the one you decided on, man.

It’s quite clear Timothy is an amateur at this game. He plasters his name all over the whole operation, he links to the two teabagger sites he writes for (WashingtonRebel and Teaparty Editor), as well as his personal site, which he registered with his full name, address and telephone number. If you’re so worried about being crushed by the imaginary “iron fist of communism”, maybe you shouldn’t link your master plan to your real name and the site where you advertise the novels you wrote wherein you romanticize the defeated South.

The teabagger movement is not only dead in the water, it’s starting to smell.

Really, teabaggers, this the best you could come up with– a fantastically unpublished old-west writer who is desperately trying to convince the world that he’s not ripping off the hippie tactic of sit-ins (it’s not a sit-in! Hippies have sit-ins! It’s a SIEGE! MEN have SIEGES!) with the notion that this will be what gets health care reform wholly repealed? THIS is IT? To be honest, we wouldn’t have even noticed this if it wasn’t given a nod of endorsement by our other favorite would-be revolutionaries (and FBI honeypots), Restore The Constitution. When the militia psychos start talking about laying siege to federal buildings, a wildly entertaining spectacle is sure to follow.


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8 responses to “Delusional Teabaggers to Attempt to Overthrow the Government…Yet Again

  1. When you learn to spell siege I will take your silly attempt at intimidation more seriously. You found my info because I don’t hide from your types.

    • ladylibertyslamp

      Sorry about that, we corrected it. It’s hard to type straight at four in the morning when you’re laughing at someone’s pathetic and transparent attempt to gain a small measure of fame through a stillborn political scheme. Don’t worry, guy– perhaps you’ll go down in history as one of the few teabaggers who could spell.

    • Cletus Fetsmunker, Latin to Ancient Aramaic dictionary salesman

      Is that all you got Timmy. A minor spelling error that I am sure you would never make? If that is your only response then I feel sorry for you.

      Timmy you step near D.C. let me know so I can get a surgeon ready to sew me back up from laughing so damn hard. I think the only thing you will be besieging is the Country Kitchen buffet and maybe the liquor store.

      Grab the popcorn kids this is going to be a good one ; )

    • Arslan Amirkhanov

      Way to go jackass, you sure refuted all of the claims against you by pointing out that decisive typo!!! The whole house of cards collapsed after that didn’t it?

  2. Clem Snide, Private Asshole

    Pardner, I reckon that thur ol’ cowpoke don’t take a cotton to bein’ seen nowhars near a kitchen. Kitchen stuff’s womern’s work! I betcher he’ll hitch hisself up with’is dee-signer eye-talyan cowboy boots and his oh-thentic reproduction stetson cowboy hat, come out his fancy two-car gee-rage and fight and win th’ whole durn war o’ Northren Aggression right all over ‘gain!

  3. majii

    You’re a joke, Timmy.

    Why should anyone take you seriously when from January 2001- January 2009, you said NOTHING about the over the top spending, the war costs hidden in supplemental budgets, and GWB giving free healthcare to all Iraqis at our expense?

    These are only a few of the reasons that you’re an insincere, attention-seeking fraud.

    When I, and others, were screaming about these things because we knew they’d have a negative impact on our country’s economy, we were called un-patriotic and told to sit down and STFU.

    Sometimes karma can be a mean old beeyotch. The chickens have come home to roost. You ignored the warnings, and just now found the time to “take action.”

    Why don’t you unveil the real reason you suddenly decided to “organize a protest “after having your lips figuratively sealed with super glue from 2001-2009.

  4. ladylibertyslamp

    …..becuz Majii, stoooopid hillbilly don’t like having a black man for president….