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The JDL and the EDL Join Forces to Rally in Canada

We have covered the EDL (English Defense League) previously here on the Liberty Lamp. They are a white power group out of England who are very much like the old National Front, only instead of hating Jews they have a new schtick of embracing Jews for the purpose of ganging up on Muslims. In keeping in with the appearance of racist skinhead movements (boneheads) many of the EDL sport shaved heads and xenophobic British symbols to perpetuate the image of Ian Stewart

The JDL is the Jewish Defense League. It is a much older extremist group that goes back a few decades– they even carried out the decent cause of fighting Nazis.

Times have changed. The JDL have joined up with the white supremacist EDL to put on a rally for a racist street thug who goes by the phony name of “Tommy Robinson”– but whose real name is “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon”– who happens to be a member of the equally racist BNP and has a violent criminal rap sheet.

According to the JDL website, they are having this rally of hate against Muslims in Toronto at the “Zionist Center”.




7:30 PM

Here in the United States, the JDL has dwindled to a pathetic number– primarily consisting of retired and aged doughy tea-bagger types– the bulk of whom are not even of the Jewish faith. They do not make much of an impression– aside from an occasional old porky wearing one of their t-shirts at a hate rally.

In Canada, the JDL seems to have a few more members and are slightly more visible in their actions.

And hopefully our friends in Canada will be able to get all the photos and video footage of these hate mongers.

But who are the EDL? Well, it seems like we got our hands on one of their membership lists and at least three of these boneheads live right here in the United States.

We were able to obtain a list of EDL members, and we are calling this “Nazileaks”
Here is a small screen shot of a piece of that list the United States citizens are marked in red.

EDL members, those marked in red are United States citizens.

For the rest we give you:



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From Tunisia a Voice in Pain From the People

Stop blaming, answer our demands! We made them more than obvious for everyone to understand. We have said it in many languages!
by Hana Sendi

I would like for the government stop blaming the media. They have the right to broadcast whatever they see and hear. Journalists are just doing their jobs. In Tunisia, there is plenty of evidence of the corruption, injustice, absence of human rights and absence of equality of chances; it is totally legitimate and normal to talk about them. There is no advantage to take this away from Tunisia.
We are not in 1881 nor are we in the second world war … All what we can see today in news: on one hand, the current Tunisian political party is trying to hide the truth; on the other hand, a few apolitical parties who succeeded in being set free from jail are trying to approve in foreigners TVs.
Go and ask ordinary people outside and inside the country and just remove fear from their hearts, before.
Videos, articles, various slogans shouted out in the streets make them very clear and evident the demands of the Tunisian people of today. We are awake.
Yesterday, the Tunisian ambassador in an interview on France 24, blamed what he called ‘people hiding themselves’ who were protesting in the United Kingdom. Of course, here is a confirmation that these people might not go back to Tunisia are of course hiding themselves from a dictatorship– simply because they don’t agree with him. They are political refugees. They would never be accepted in the United Kingdom if they were terrorists, He wanted to evoke terrorism and he compared them with Bin Laden. I would like to remind him that Islam might be his religion– so he would better try to be at least objective towards it, enough with terrorism being evoked each time someone wants to dodge tough questions. You are just acting very ridiculous and no one will respect you. It is really curious to know what kind of human being are you. You have nothing to do with HUMANITY! What a shame!

To add to this the Tunisian police have been hacking into the Facebook accounts of Tunisian citizens.

And to make matters worse:

If you are a Tunisian citizen and are trying to change your password you can this way:
Remove Tunisian government phishing scripts

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