The JDL and the EDL Join Forces to Rally in Canada

We have covered the EDL (English Defense League) previously here on the Liberty Lamp. They are a white power group out of England who are very much like the old National Front, only instead of hating Jews they have a new schtick of embracing Jews for the purpose of ganging up on Muslims. In keeping in with the appearance of racist skinhead movements (boneheads) many of the EDL sport shaved heads and xenophobic British symbols to perpetuate the image of Ian Stewart

The JDL is the Jewish Defense League. It is a much older extremist group that goes back a few decades– they even carried out the decent cause of fighting Nazis.

Times have changed. The JDL have joined up with the white supremacist EDL to put on a rally for a racist street thug who goes by the phony name of “Tommy Robinson”– but whose real name is “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon”– who happens to be a member of the equally racist BNP and has a violent criminal rap sheet.

According to the JDL website, they are having this rally of hate against Muslims in Toronto at the “Zionist Center”.




7:30 PM

Here in the United States, the JDL has dwindled to a pathetic number– primarily consisting of retired and aged doughy tea-bagger types– the bulk of whom are not even of the Jewish faith. They do not make much of an impression– aside from an occasional old porky wearing one of their t-shirts at a hate rally.

In Canada, the JDL seems to have a few more members and are slightly more visible in their actions.

And hopefully our friends in Canada will be able to get all the photos and video footage of these hate mongers.

But who are the EDL? Well, it seems like we got our hands on one of their membership lists and at least three of these boneheads live right here in the United States.

We were able to obtain a list of EDL members, and we are calling this “Nazileaks”
Here is a small screen shot of a piece of that list the United States citizens are marked in red.

EDL members, those marked in red are United States citizens.

For the rest we give you:



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4 responses to “The JDL and the EDL Join Forces to Rally in Canada

  1. You wouldn’t by any chance have a copy in .xls format that I can download, would you? Google Docs is giving me a “not supported in your browser” message… not to mention that I wouldn’t trust Google — or The Cloud™ in general, for that matter — with documents such as this.


    • Thelibertylamp

      Fagot- get a real computer!!

      • Clem Fetsmunker, Retired Drill Sergeant in the Kiss Army

        This article is interesting and I wonder what will happen. If they decide on a merger may I suggest “Irritating Defense Lunkheads” Or “Yaxley’s Kahanist Klown Klub” This rally sounds like a recipe for complete and utter comedy. I will be making popcorn for this one!

        Google sucks out loud! They are about as trustworthy as the average politician in the eyes of the people (obviously a lobbyist can trust them after lining their pockets). I mean you can get some add-ons/plug-ins for Firefox (and potentially other browsers) that can make your Google searching a tiny little bit more secure and block their ads but it won’t help against other services. People are becoming to reliant on softwares that are willing to share info with the state. Google, Facebook, Twitter…instead of using open source and activist created softwares. (ain’t perfect but at least open source unlike Twitter)

        Curious about Mr. Flugennock’s status as a bundle of sticks? I wasn’t aware that he had now become a bundle of sticks. He better be careful in the winter because people might want to start a fire with him…LOL

        Clemsworth Fetsmunker

  2. anonymous

    History repeats itself.

    In 1933, Zionist organizations around the world rallied to bravely put a front up against the rise of Hitler and the Nazis who were persecuting Germany’s ethnics, Jews, and honest Christians who opposed the Nazis. But there was one group of Zionists in Germany that HELPED Hitler and the Nazis try to suppress Germany’s Jews. Research Georg Kareski- a Jewish collaborator of the Nazis.

    In an act of pure repugnance, we now see the JDL in collaboration with the EDL British neo nazis. But it is no surprise how demented extremists work together. Hitler made in alliance with Stalin in 1939 too. What is very very evil in this unholy alliance, is the fact that the JDL are supporting the EDL which has neo-Nazi members who at the first opportunity denies the Holocaust ever happened.

    Why does the Canadian government allow both of these extremist hatemonger groups to parade in public? What about the anti-racism laws? We saw in the USA how right-wing Israeli groups worked together with the neocons in the Bush administration to push for the unprovoked war against Iraq-> via their ‘PNAC’ ideology and ‘Freedom Agenda’ fiasco. Why are Canada’s politicians and Jewish groups not up in arms over these extremist right-wing security threats brazenly allowed to promote the same provocative ‘Teabagger’ hatred-madness blazing through the USA?

    Is it because the targets are Muslims? Well guess what- the Holocaust had 11 million victims- half of them were not Jews. So the idea that setting up laws to not permit denial of the Holocaust should not be about standing up only for Jews- it is about protecting ALL victims of scapegoating/ hatemongering violent prejudice.

    The EDL are neonazis and the JDL are like the Jewish traitors who helped Hitler terrorize Germany’s Jews. Wake up Canadians and Canadian government. In the 1930s the world ignored the rise of Nazism and Fascism – and look at the horrors that resulted. Get rid off these right wing extremist monsters exploiting democracy in order to turn it into a hatemongering draconian regime- we don’t need these new neo-nazis.