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TARGET: Venezuela IS DOWN!!!

From the BBC News:

Venezuelan parliament votes to tighten internet rules

The parliament in Venezuela has approved a law which will tighten the rules regulating internet content.
Under the bill, online messages inciting hatred, or political and religious intolerance, are banned.
The new law also prohibits contents which is deemed to disrespect public officials.
Opposition politicians voted against the measure, which they say is a threat to freedom of speech.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says it will help protect citizens against online crimes.
Under the new rules, providers of online contents and internet portals could be fined if images or messages appearing on their sites “disrespect public authorities, incite or promote hatred or create anxiety in the citizenry or alter public order”.
President Chavez says the law will shield citizens from messages promoting drug use, prostitution and other crimes.
‘Fighting cybercrime’
“We aren’t eliminating the internet here, or censoring it,” he said during his weekly television and radio broadcast on Sunday.
“What we’re doing is protecting ourselves against crimes, against cybercrimes,” he added.
The Venezuelan Chamber of Electronic Commerce has criticised the measure saying that it is another step on the way to censorship and the blocking of websites.
Opposition politicians accuse President Chavez of passing a raft of restrictive laws before January, when a new parliament with more opposition delegates is sworn in.
The measure was passed just days after parliament voted to give President Chavez special powers to pass laws by decree for 18 months.

Well then…..

A message to Civil Society on Venezuela (en)

“I swear by the God of my fathers, I swear by my country, I swear by my honor,that i will not give comfort to my soul, no rest to my arm, until i cant see the broken chains that oppress my people through the will of the powerful” Simón Bolívar.

Power is a monster of a thousand faces; as many faces as there are dictatorial regimes and sinister corporations in the world. Anonymous does not take in consideration the political symbol that lies beneath those masks, it doesnt take into consideration precise ideologies, nor pre-established dogmas. Anonymous thinks in as many ways as the people who comprise it.

Freedom of expression consists precisely in that, in allowing every voice from every person to be heard in the public life. The Venezuelan governement is trying to impose censorship on the net using the “Ley del Resorte”. The second article of that law is a gateway to censor every divergent opinion. Even if we disagree with the opinions of certain media, we can’t gag them, for this would go precisely against what we defend.

That is why we start this virtual protest, to make the world understand that we are not willing to tolerate any reduction in freedom of expression, no matter whose freedom is attacked. Anonymous is here to ensure the net neutrality, and the freedom of expression of it’s people, and Anonymous people, are the citizens of the Net.

That’s why we want all civil society to realize our concerns on Venezuela. That’s why we protest. Wherever censorship is hiding, you will find us fighting.

We do not forget.
We do not forgive.
Expect us.

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Wikileaks is the word!

On January 17, 2011, in Triangle Virginia protesters rallied at the main gate of Quantico Marine Corps base to demand the release of Bradley Manning, who has been held in solitary confinement for seven months following his May 27th arrest for his alleged involvement in the Wikileaks fiasco. Activists blocked half of the main road into the base and attempted to deliver a care package to Manning, which was denied by the base guards. Manning is charged with passing confidential information to Wikileaks, but he has yet to be tried or sentenced.


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