A few posts back, we reported on a protest at the Quantico Marine Base where Manning is being held as a political prisoner.

Despite the failed attempts by the protesters to try to reach, contact and deliver a care package to Manning, hopes were that he was well. The fears are that he is being tortured by the biased and nationalist anti-freedom military who are keeping him there.

All of those fears have been confirmed in this report:

The Taiwan Times

WikiLeaks GI’s complaint targets his Marine jailer
Associated Press
2011-01-21 11:03 PM

The lawyer for a soldier suspected of passing classified information to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks is alleging wrongdoing by a military jailer.

David Coombs said Friday he has filed a complaint under military law with the commander of the Marine Corps base where Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is being held in Quantico, Virginia.

The lawyer said in a posting on his blog that Navy Chief Warrant Officer 4 James Averhart abused his discretion by placing Manning on 24-hour suicide watch from Tuesday evening to Thursday afternoon contrary to the recommendation of the military jail’s own psychiatrist.

Manning has been confined at least 23 hours day for nearly six months. His lawyer wants Manning’s maximum-security status changed to medium-security.

We found a photo of Marine Chief Warrant Officer 4 James T Averhart:

More about this scumbag theocrat here.


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  2. Hmmm, a bio. Neat! One goof: Averhart is in the Marines, not the Navy.

    • Thelibertylamp

      Mike, both the news article we have a reference says Navy, but we can change our own text of it.

      We are going to leave the C&P article in tact though.

      Thanks for the point.

    • Mikey

      Um… I thought Marines were a sub-section of the Navy… So if you’re a marine, aren’t you in the Navy also? — Navy is just more ambiguous, no? Please correct me if I am wrong.

      • Artie Fufkin

        The Marine Corps is part of the Department of the Navy, but is its own military branch.

        The Commandant of the Marine Corps and Chief of Naval Operations both report to the Secretary of the Navy, but the Marine Corps is separate…you are not in the Navy, by way of being a Marine.

  3. Take a look at the page you linked to, with his bio. “Marine” all over it 🙂

  4. Artie Fufkin

    Mike is correct, CWO4 Averhart is a Marine; he was one of my bootcamp drill instructors back in 1998 at Parris Island.

    • Thelibertylamp

      yeah, we changed it on our end..the Taiwanese News article C&P we will leave in tact because that is how they wrote it.


      So, any juicy gossip? Was the guy a totally asshole? Feel free to express ….

      • Artie Fufkin

        No, he wasn’t an asshole (any more than drill instructors are supposed to be) and I doubt that he is now.

        Honestly, I didn’t get onto this site because I agree with your politics, I saw one of the articles about the situation, thought I recognized Averhart’s name and in the process of trying to find other articles and/or pictures of him to confirm that he is who I thought he was, came across your site.

        Although I am a veteran, I am not a right-wing nut-job, but you can’t honestly think that Manning was going to get away with what he has done. Also, as a former Marine, I can guarantee that due to the high profile nature of the circumstances, that although Averhart may be in charge of the brig at Quantico, that he is getting his “marching orders” from folks a hell of a lot higher up the chain. Averhart is “only” a warrant officer, not a commissionned officer and he most certainly would not put his own ass and career on the line just to make a statement…let alone to a servicemember who isn’t even a Marine. You may not agree with what’s going on, but I guarantee that it’s not Averhart pulling the strings.

        I’ll leave you with one last thing…although you may not agree with it, members of the military are governed by the UCMJ when it comes to military matters. He is not “due” the sames rights as civilians in civilian court. That isn’t a matter of opinion, it is a fact, again, whether you agree with it or not; therfore, Manning is not a political prisoner.

        Certainly, we are not going to see eye to eye on this matter, but you should at least have all of the facts before you start calling someone a “scumbag theocrat” or a “torturer”. I respect your right to have your own opinion(s), but at least get the facts correct and then base your opinions off of those facts.

        • Thelibertylamp

          Artie- I respect where you are coming from, but, even though what you state about the rules of the military, it doesn’t make them right or we have to agree with them.

          What Manning did was both right and heroic. I am sure he didn’t do it on a whim, the thought long and hard about it, but wanted to do something right for the people, and that he did.

          What he did he did for you and for me, for the much needed openess and transparency we the people deserve.

          He fought for me, I will fight for him back.

          I would LOVE to charge into Quantico and rescue him, but I cannot.

          So what am I left with? I am left with insulting the dirtbag who is torturing him and exposing who he is.

          Words are all I have left to fight with, please don’t try to take them away from me!

          • Artie Fufkin

            As I said before, I respect and support you and everyone else having the right to your/their opinion, even if I disagree with what your opinion(s) may be. I served 6 years in the Marine Corps defending everyone’s rights…all of them. All I’m asking/suggesting is that you know the facts and make informed conclusions or opinions afterward.

            I didn’t agree with us going into Iraq and, trust me, I couldn’t stand Bush, but that doesn’t make what Manning has done “right” or justified. Whatever reasons Manning had for joining the Army, I can pretty much guarantee he didn’t do so with the intent of doing what he did from day one. Maybe he decided he didn’t like Army life, maybe someone pissed him off…I have no idea what set him off, but I can pretty safely say, even without having met the guy, that he didn’t do what he did “for the people” and he certainly didn’t do it for “me”. What he did goes against everything that I believe in…whether I agree with what the President, or Congress, or Cabinet members or generals are doing, or not.

            Do you personally know Manning? Have you ever even met or spoken with him? How do you know why he did what he did?

            Although it’s been a while, I have known Averhart and he’s not a dirtbag. And again, like I said before, Averhart is not the one pulling the strings here, this is WAAAY above his pay grade. And, Manning is most certinly not being tortured…he may not have as much “freedom” and outside interaction as he’d like, but he is fed, sheltered, has legal representation and if the guards so much as touched a hair on his head, his lawyer would know about it.

            The bottom line is that Manning chose to do what he did and now he is dealing with the consequences of his actions and quite frankly, whether you agree with it or not, he could very realistically be facing execution, depending on how things play out. I’m not saying that I think he should be, but according to military law, he COULD be.

            So, again, while I fully support and encourage you exercising your freedom of speech, press and every other freedom that you have, I also encourage you to keep in mind that you have those rights because of the heard work and sacrifices of people such as myself, countless other veterans…and CWO4 Averhart. Our military and government, as a whole, may have plenty of flaws, but I’ve been all around the world and haave yet to find a better system yet…

            • Mikey

              “but I can pretty safely say, even without having met the guy, that he didn’t do what he did “for the people” and he certainly didn’t do it for “me”. What he did goes against everything that I believe in…whether I agree with what the President, or Congress, or Cabinet members or generals are doing, or not.” — Seriously? Releasing evidence of corruption in our own government and warcrimes? Not selling them to a foreign nation for profit, but releasing them for the world to see so that we can hold our leaders accountable? — And why the world you ask? Because the system of crimes he has exposed is world wide — it’s not really the gov. It’s the giant international corporations that are defrauding and lobbying the government, and money is driving everything. Warcimes & Corruption as massive and wide-spread and we know about them now. But how many people do you know that have actually read the leaks or watched the videos? I’m not going to admit to anything that may be illegal in the future here. But I’m not making this up or talking about something somebody else has told me.

              “And again, like I said before, Averhart is not the one pulling the strings here, this is WAAAY above his pay grade.” — And again, I mention the Nuremberg Trials — he knows what’s going on — his medical staff has said it’s not necessary, and that it’s causing him permanent psychological damage. He is complacent in what is happening. He is guilty.

              “And, Manning is most certinly not being tortured…he may not have as much “freedom” and outside interaction as he’d like, but he is fed, sheltered, has legal representation and if the guards so much as touched a hair on his head, his lawyer would know about it.” — Eye witness accounts of his lawyer and his 1 friend that is allowed to visit him monthly applied to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The Geneva convention disagree with this statement.

              Again, please do not ask us to check our facts when you are making assertions on opinions alone.

              • Thelibertylamp

                I likes Mikey…

                • Artie Fufkin

                  Maybe you need to check yours…Nuremberg and Geneva are not even remotely applicable here. And the UN is going to its best job not to collectively laugh at the lawyer’s request for them to investigate.

                  • PatG

                    Solitary for months on end IS torture.
                    It destroys the person’s mental health.
                    If the UN is not threatened and coerced by our government during their investigation (fat chance) then they WILL find the US guilty of breaking international treaties on human rights.

                  • Craig Chereek

                    When Daniel Ellsberg broke open the Pentagon Papers, he was an ordained priest with a recognized duty to a higher authority, not a soldier. I am a Vietnam vet, and a progressive, my politics are probably left of yours, whatever they are! Artie has been absolutely correct in every word he has written here. I have done time in a brig, it’s no picnic. But it is exactly what the UCMJ prescribes, and the UCMJ is about as fair a legal system as I’ve encountered. Manning has signed onto the provisions of the Official Secrets Act, he must have known he was signing his own death warrant when he violated it. I only hope that any positive changes that may result from the WikiLeaks will occur before his execution, and that he lives to seem them.

                    • The real Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records

                      It doesn’t sound like you are too the left of any here except maybe just a bit more left than the Wannabe Artie Fufkin who has been standing against Brad Manning. It sounds like you are too the right of what LLL and myself and others who regularly post here that I know. We are all calling for the immediate release of Bradley Manning with all charges dropped. I myself am also calling for the courts to go after the military and government figures behind the wars against the Iraq and Afghani people and anyone behind what was in those documents.

                      What Brad did was nothing short of promoting democracy. In a democratic system keeping secrets cannot happen because it goes against democracy and working together as a “demos” or people in english. Things need to be transparent otherwise we get lots of problems and other countries, groups and people hate us and take it out on us when it was the government and militaries fault and we didn’t really know about it because they kept secrets.

                      Manning may have signed on too various idiocies that protect wealthy yet extremely guilty people from harm but as an American citizen he has duty to his country first and his country is not defined by a corrupt as hell government and military run by mostly wealthy straight christian men who don’t work for the people in the least.

                      There is nothing fair about 23 hour solitary confinement for an innocent person (because in a fair legal system you are innocent until proven guilty). There is nothing fair about demonizing a young guy who is alleged to have gotten documents out too the media which is protected under the 1st amendment under a system that is supposed to be democratic. There is nothing fair about some kid in jail while those guilty of war crimes are free too do as they please and will never face any jail time or charges even though they fucking KILLED PEOPLE and destroyed countries and wasted billions in taxpayer money to do so.

                    • Keep in mind, this is not simply “in the brig” this is 9 months of solitary confinement. His human rights have been violated as well as his constitutional rights.


        • Mikey

          Sir, I respect you.

          Not because I agree with you, but because you are the first person whom I disagree with who has had courtesy and has taken the time to apply logic to their reasoning.

          Until the Bradley Manning incident I had always had a strong respect for the military (and I still do to an extent) — a role model I had in high school had been a Marine, a veteran from the Vietnam war. He had a very authentic personality and a unique point of view that I respected the hell out of him for.

          However, even with the UCMJ — Bradley is being represented by a military lawyer — a lawyer who knows the system, and has claimed that he is being mistreated even according to his rights under the military system (see David Coombs’ blog.)

          Also keep in mind, Averhart may be “just following orders” — but according to the Nuremberg Trials this is no excuse, and regardless of what you call it, his human rights (according to the Geneva convention; based on accounts from his one friend and his lawyer who have visited him) are being violated — Averhart is guilty in allowing this to happen. (And don’t think Averhart is confused about this, or doesn’t get what’s going on either — two separate forensic psychiatrists have consistently stated that PFC Manning’s treatment is medically unnecessary.)

          Keep in mind also — Bradley has not even been to trial. You say “but you can’t honestly think that Manning was going to get away with what he has done” — is he guilty until proven innocent then, in a trial that will never happen? (Until they find a way to rig it, or otherwise torture him into a confession? — the prize here is Assange, they want him to admit collaboration with Assange, which is impossible, since all files transmitted to WL are done via a cryptographically secure anonymous layer — the Tor network.) — and on a second note: What is it you think he did? I hope you do realize that he has revealed war crimes to us, committed by our own military (and how they are covered up) and if he’s guilty of the cablegate documents as well then he’s revealed massive corruption in the highest levels of our government, showing that money is more important than human rights world-wide anyway.

          When you ask us to base our opinions on facts, I only ask that you do the same.

          • Artie Fufkin

            Of course his lawyers are going to use whatever avenues available to them to best represent their client…even his appointed military lawyer. Them claiming psychological issues is kind of a given…whether it’s true or not. How often do accused murderers and rapists claim insanity or mistreatment once incarcerated? Almost always. I’m not saying Manning is equivalent to a murderer or rapist…the point is that claims of mistreatment are not necessarily true, just because they’re playing that card.

            As far as Neuremberg and the Geneva Conventions, I hate to brake it to you, but that does not apply to one’s own miltary members…they are not applicable to this situation. Don’t you think that if Averhart were even remotely close to breaking any laws that he’d immediately be relieved? The fact is that the doctors are there to make RECOMMENDATIONS…it’s the Commander’s choice as far as how to proceed, whether the choice is being made at Averhart’s level, or above him. And appealling to the UN is going to go absolutely nowhere, as well; it’s a political ploy to try to gain press and pressure the military.

            What do you really expect Manning’s friend to say? Of course he’s going to do or say whatever he thinks is in his friend’s best interests?

            Trust me, if the powers-that-be decide to go after Assange, they don’t need an Army PFC to do so. Regardless of what you may think of our country, if “people” wanted Assange out of the picture badly enough, he’d be gone in a heartbeat.

            I don’t doubt that there is governmental corruption, unfortuntely I have seen instances of it firsthand. But the fact of the matter is that Manning “allegedly” took and released classified documents…the fact that he gave them to WL instead of trying to sell them is absolutely irrelevent. HE BROKE THE LAW. He’s not a martyr, he’s a kid that royally screwed up and is now grasping at straws to try to get himself out of hot water. Nobody held a gun to his head and made him enlist in the Army; he did it of his own free will and knew exactly what rules and regulations applied to him once he was a soldier. He knew that he was held to different/higher standards and still “allegedly” made the decision to release classified documents. Now he is paying for those actions.

            The world is not any better of a place because of his “alleged” actions.

            I agree, he is isn’t guilty until he goes to trial, but like it or not, military legal proceedings and procedures are very much different than civilian ones…and he knew that when he “allegedly” released classified documents.

            • Thelibertylamp

              Artie- you keep talking about Bradley beige held accountable for his actions, well we want our government to be accountable for their actions!

              No we the people are not okay with their under handed secrecy and the crimes they are committing against humanity.

              We have every right to know what they are doing and to air it out in the open.

              A government who threatens their people who expose the truth is called a FASCIST government as is a government who gives their military law enforcement this much power.

              Don’t try to tell me this is good for me or for the country and to have a criminal government and military who thinks they can just run rough shot over their people and over people around the planet and think they can’t be held accountable is the best for our “national security” (worst bullshit line ever!)

              We are going to expose every name of every military criminal who is acting against the human rights of Bradley Manning and we have that right to do so!

            • The real Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records

              So is it ok for the government to break the law and put peoples lives at risk? What Bradley did was expose what the government and military was doing. He did nothing wrong if he was under a free democratic system as this country was supposed to be founded on. You cannot have a democracy if a large group of people are hiding things from the public especially when those thing include murders and illegal actions.

              If they are going to punish Manning then there are some generals and others on down the line that should also be punished for hiding these documents and being a part of illegal and immoral actions that have cost lives and money. In fact probably much of the military is guilty of breaking laws. You know breaking and entering on a countrywide basis is a pretty big crime, is it not? Nobody invited us in Afghanistan or Iraq we sort of just shot our way in like some thug trying to steal sliverware and T.V.s from the house down the block except with bigger guns and missiles and tanks and bombs and whatnot.

            • Mikey

              Point by point rebuttal:

              “Don’t you think that if Averhart were even remotely close to breaking any laws that he’d immediately be relieved?” — In light of recent events, no, I do not think he would be: “Last night, anonymous military officials admitted to NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski that Quantico Brig Commander James Averhart abused his authority when he placed Bradley Manning on suicide watch as punishment for failure to obey orders.” (source: )

              What do you really expect Manning’s friend to say? Of course he’s going to do or say whatever he thinks is in his friend’s best interests?
              His friend has suggested that we FOIA the interviews he has with manning, to my knowledge nobody has had success with this. His friend also says Manning has been very humble and does not directly talk badly of his captors, or his conditions. The military on the other hand has tried to pass a lot of disinformation on the subject. Saying he’s not in solitary when he is, and they’re just calling it something else for instance. Or saying “oh this blanket is soft I’ve slept under them.” but then ignore the fact that manning is forced to sleep in his boxers and says he gets rug burns from it if he moves at all (and they do move him to wake him up through the night, they also require verbal confirmation from him every 5 minutes that he is okay — according to his lawyer.) To me, the 5 minutes thing is torture in it’s own right. They took his glasses away for two days and he was blind. They say he watch the news, but Bradley suggests that the hour he gets to watch TV is not controlled by him, and he only gets local channels, the news is never on when he goes to watch it. He is not allowed to exercise — unless you call walking figure 8s while in chains exercise… (for anyone interested in maintaining shape, you know that walking is not enough.) Further Amnesty International has claimed that his treatment is inhumane — what they’re doing IS illegal. Further further, he hasn’t even been to trial yet. He is still technically INNOCENT.

              “the fact that he gave them to WL instead of trying to sell them is absolutely irrelevent. HE BROKE THE LAW.” Firstly, he did not break the law simply because you say so. He must first go to trial and be proven guilty. Secondly, last I checked whistle blowers had protection when leaking information of wrong doing to a media organization (which he did on a massive scale.) WL is recognized by Amnesty International (and even gave them awards in recent years for their journalism efforts.)

              “The world is not any better of a place because of his “alleged” actions.” — That is an Opinion: the EFF disagrees with you, and I do as well as many of the good people of spain, see item 3: — although the post doesn’t go that far into it, and it sounds like “omg they stopped copyright, what does that have to do with anything…” — it was a VERY evil copyright law, that basically came down to the “Privacy < Copyright" mentality that has our copyright industry supporting the warrantless wire-tapping crap going on in the US. Mind you, WL has also been a part of some small revolutions that have been happening and spreading in Africa recently; lots more, but it's all very subtle because the mainstream media does not cover any of it. Most of the positive impacts from WL will never be televised on the radio or news (or if they are, as what I've seen with once incident recently, they will leave WL entirely out of it — because WL is "evil" according to the American propaganda regime.)

              The only people this information harms is the corrupt. It should have never been classified. It's not that he's a martyr, it's that we need to protect whistle-blowers like Manning. Good people PROTECT those who are weaker than them, NOT subjugate, oppress or torture them — this is NOT justice, he has had not trial and therefore IS CURRENTLY INNOCENT (regardless of what paperwork he signed to the military, as you CAN NOT sign away your American, or human rights, any such contract is null.)

              Bradley did the right thing, and he is now being punished for it.

              • PortSide List

                Mikey writes:

                “you CAN NOT sign away your American, or human rights, any such contract is null”

                A person may ‘waive’ a right at any time, and sign such a document stating so. That is the vehicle by which a person pleads guilty without a trial, or makes a statement which may be used against them.

                • Mikey

                  Specifically what I mean by this statement is that a certain subset of our rights are legally “inalienable” and guaranteed no matter what paperwork you sign.

                  People have signed away such rights before — and it’s definitely a subjective, case-by-case basis– but the trend to my understanding is that the contracts were nullified.

                  At any rate, I’m unfamiliar with military precedent. But I thought a right to a speedy trial was among those inalienable rights.

                  Upon further consideration: I’m surprised to hear anyone say that the precedent set in the Nuremberg trials trials does somehow not apply here; the precedent, to my understanding as provided by about an hour of study in high school some 10 odd years ago is that if a soldier does something fucked up — even if they were ordered to under threat of death — that if they complied, they would be held accountable. Therefore, chain of command be damned; you are still accountable for your own actions regardless of following orders. — Am I off base here?

                  Also this may be relevant to our collective interests: “Marines Boot Commander Ordering Abuse of Bradley Manning” ( )

                  It looks like in the article they use correlation to prove cause and effect (the cause and effect may be there, but there is no proof.)

                  Regardless, I am hopeful with Manning’s lawyer “… that she will do a complete review of PFC Manning[‘s custody situation; as Manning’s current situation] is unwarranted and unnecessary while he awaits trial.”

                  • Mikey

                    Re: “At any rate, I’m unfamiliar with military precedent. But I thought a right to a speedy trial was among those inalienable rights.” — Also further, I thought we had a right to humane treatment while awaiting trial, but that might be more implied than a right.

                    • PortSide List

                      Better stop “Thinking” and trust his lawyer to handle it. The right to a speedy trial is found in the 6th Amendment of the Constitution. The right to humane treatment is found in the 8th Amendment. Perhaps you should spend some time at an accredited institution of higher education attending courses of constitutional law rather than having flights of fancy as to what may be ‘inalienable rights.’ Case law precedent by SCOTUS and other courts will spell out exactly what is expected.

                    • @PortSideList Thanks for the heads up on legal precedent — I wish I could remember the source now — though whatever I read it was probably taken out of context.

                      Though, my point still stands — I don’t care what document you sign or don’t sign or what the laws may or may not be, you still have an inalienable human right to not be tortured — those who break those rights for any purpose are committing crimes against humanity.

                      As a race we have observed that torture is ineffective for getting reliable information. It’s great at getting confessions though, and it’s also great for setting an example and keeping people inline.

                      Amnesty international is even “worried” about the reports of his current conditions, saying that if they’re true, he IS being tortured and is being held as a political prisoner.

                      Good news by the way, from twitter:
                      @Dennis_Kucinich letter to Gates, requests to see Bradley #Manning

                • Also double heads up:

                  I hope he gets off on this. I really do. He needs to be let out. Dude is a hero. Nobody who stands up for their own people deserves to be tortured and then lied about to them so that the guilty can roam free.

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  6. Tish

    puke, to the those who say they served in the military for us to be free. poppycock! my freedom is not earned by slaughtering innocent people around the world, and suppressing the voices of those who dissent here. the U.S. military is used to support the fear propaganda instilled by our government towards the masses. most of the, ‘evil doers’ are created for that purpose…so WE can blindly continue to fund and benefit those manufacturing war and it’s products.
    most of the sheeple are fooled, and since wikileaks i’ve found many who have their eyes wide open. have even met folks that have been enlightened to become free thinkers. how refreshing. so whatever kool aid pitcher those in the military have drank from…it’s been exposed. that ain’t no refreshingly sweet beverage. on the contrary as Bradley himself and others like him may tell; it’s quite toxic!
    have a nice day, and please don’t try to sell me on your serving in anything for me. you and i are pawns in the system, that cares not one iota about the human quality.
    greed is what permeates every faction of this government, and democracy is nowhere to be found in it.

  7. George McDermand

    Sorry Guys but Mannings a hero in my book, I’ll send money, donate time and protest until he gets a ticker-tape parade down 5th ave. If the military is there to quote “protect” Democracy then I dare say the Private has done more to enhance transparency than a full division with tanks. There is a reason we are mistrusted by many around the world, we are not always the “good” guys despite what the Fox channel says. I gave up American TV years ago, join the “cable cutters” and free your mind from the corporate line.

  8. PortSide List

    My educated guess on this one (though I believe most JarHeads semi-functional illiterates) is that CWO4 Averhart will play this one right “By the Book” – Chapter, Verse, and Line. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose by doing otherwise. And you can bet his ass is covered.

    Don’t ever assume traveling onto a military base is a ‘right.’ No way in hell. Jane and David should never make mistake of thinking it can be their stage for ‘theatre’ of presenting 42,000 name petition. Ain’t gonna happen. You rig your own stage.
    – By driving a vehicle onto a base, you are automatically granting permission to search it – whether you knew it or not. What it boils down to is common sense – you don’t go into the Bullpen to yank on the Bull’s tail….. no matter what you think the rules oughta be. That’s what Bradley’s got a lawyer for and there’s more of us citizens sitting back watching this than you might be aware of. Even old retired vets like me.

    • K.

      What’s so terrible about presenting a 42,000 name petition? That might be pulling the bull’s tail from their point of view, but to other people (me included) it’s a way of helping Manning–and possibly other detainees in similar circumstances–by letting them know that A LOT of people care and that it’s unacceptable.

      He has a lawyer, yes, but everyone knows that had not this been exposed to the public, things might have had turn for the worse.

      • PortSide List

        – And where did I say or imply it was terrible to present a 42,000 name petition? That was a figment of YOUR imagination.

        When presenting such a petition one should preferably do it in an environment one has some control over. By driving it onto the base – House lost all control – bad tactical move – looked like a real amateur. And you see what the result was.

        Don’t think it hasn’t been exposed to “The Public” – who do you think I am??

  9. PortSide List

    New CWO placed in charge of Quantico brig

    The Associated Press
    Posted : Wednesday Jan 26, 2011 15:37:58 EST

    “QUANTICO, Va. — The Marine Corps said on Wednesday that a new chief warrant officer is in charge of the brig aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, where a soldier suspected of passing classified U.S. documents to WikiLeaks is being held.

    First Lt. Brian Villiard said that command of the brig passed on Monday from Chief Warrant Officer 4 James Averhart to Chief Warrant Officer 2 Denise Barnes.

    Villiard said the change has been planned since October. It was not related to news that Averhart placed Pfc. Bradley Manning on suicide watch for two days last week over the recommendation of the staff psychiatrist, Villiard said.

    Manning’s lawyer has said his client is being wrongly held in maximum-security conditions and confined 23 hours a day. He is seeking to have Manning’s custody status changed to medium security.”

  10. Good news from twitter (making a second general reply for everybody to see, instead of just my reply over that was buried like 10 responses deep in debate.):

    “@Dennis_Kucinich letter to Gates, requests to see Bradley #Manning