OpEgypt is a Success!!

As a parallel action to the mass protests and revolution in Egypt the internet hive Anonymous has been doing DDoS attacks on the Egyptian government websites..

From the We Are Khaled Saeed group, that we translated from Arabic:

This is a tragic story about a young man who was brutally murdered. Why? He refused to be treated inhumanly by two savage cops who had no right to do what they were doing– treating people like sheep and considering the citizens inferior.
The story began on 7th June 2010 when Khaled Saeed went to his usual Internet cafe in Sidigaber. Then two wild detective cops- Mahmoud Alfallah and Awaad Elmokhber- ambushed that cafe asking people for their IDs which is totally out of their authority and without legal permission. Khaled rejected that inhumane treatment and consequently was viciously attacked. He was kicked in his chest and belly severely while his skull was smashed against the marble bar in front of all of the people in the cafe while Khaled was bleeding. The savage cops then abducted Khaled and put him inside a police vehicle to continue torturing him at the police station where he later died. They threw his corpse into the street to claim that he was attacked by some strangers in order to avoid responsibility.

According to what we know, there’s a systematic campaign to terrify the witnesses and prevent them from testifying to what they saw in the cafe….

Khaled is not and won’t be the only case, there are lots of people who had the same fate and disappeared and became dead on arrival. All of this is a result of the oppressive system under which Mubarak controls Egypt. This emergency law gives the police the upper hand to treat the residents as slaves.

Thus, we the group of Change In Egypt supporters urge you to intervene and force the authorities to investigate and explain to the public what happened and to condemn it strongly.

Security and Connectivity update:

For all Egyptians: Twitter is closed as you know, Facebook will reportedly close very soon. Please All use proxies and tell ALL your friends in Egypt to use proxy to connect. For example use: http://www.free-proxy.ca

The Telecomix IRC is interested in assisting Egyptians circumvent country-level censorship blocks, and they are posting live, on-the-street updates of the situation in Egypt.. Also, the censors at TE Data failed to block and for Twitter. You can use those without a proxy directly.


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  3. Walk like an...well you know

    From http://www.free-proxy.ca :
    This account has been suspended.
    Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.
    This is a paid option from a certain Bay of the Pirate variety but might be a better service:
    https://www.ipredator.se/ (in case you are the swedish chef…JK)
    https://www.ipredator.se/?lang=en (for the english speakers)
    This is free:

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  5. TimeKeeperAnon

    The People in Egypt are now free. Mubarak has stepped down! Lets pray they dont blow it on a cheap Theocracy.