Infiltrators of the Occupy Movement.

Popular activist movements attract all manner of scavengers and hangers-on, most of which seek to capitalize on the success of the more popular group to compensate for the fact that the majority of society regards them as a bunch of babbling kooks. The Occupy Movement is no different, with everyone from The American Spectator to Zeitgeist seeing the mass throng of people as easy pickings by which to enlarge their subscriber base and coffers. Some of these groups, however, see the Occupy Movement as a means to seek legitimacy for their own morally reprehensible causes, whether that takes the form of racism, fraud or selling out activists to the feds.

Here then, is a list of some of the most odious and dangerous groups and individuals currently sucking off the teat of the Occupy Movement. These people shouldn’t be considered part of the broader Occupy Movement, no matter what sort of “authority” they claim.

-Aaron Barr and Thomas Ryan

Yes, THAT Aaron Barr.

Aaron Barr? Again?! After sticking his dick in the hornets nest known as Anonymous, Barr faded from view– his career and home life in a shambles. Now he’s back, trying out his same old “I’m a security SOOPAR GEENIOUS” routine with defense contractor Sayres and Associates— presumably on some half-baked mission to “infiltrate” the Occupy movement. He’s also in the company of self-proclaimed Occupy Wall Street Snitch Thomas Ryan, who happens to be a blogger for the perpetually colicky Andrew Breitbart.

-AnonCMD (Arturas Rosenbacher)


First came to prominence by hawking a bogus DDOS tool called #refref, which was promised to allow one solo user to take down any website. It was soon discovered that #refref was a total fraud, and AnonCMD was using this fake tool as a means to collect personal information on easily duped anons in order to “dox” them. He was run out of Anonops on a rail and has since turned up as the administrator for the Occupy Chicago Facebook group. During his time at the actual occupation in Chicago, he was heard to have been namedropping numerous prominent Anons as people he was allegedly friends with. This is classic snitch behavior– drop names of prominent activists as people you are “good friends with” in order to gain acceptance with higher-ups in another activist group, when in reality those “good friends” hate that snitch’s guts.

-Jaime Jo Corne and David Corne (AKA Presstorm and Vincubus)

Jaime Jo Lambertz/Corne

We have gone over this shitstorm with a fine toothed comb, and so have other sites. Presstorm’s involvement boils down to the actions of a typical grifter couple– Jaime, who has already been sent to jail for fraud, set up Presstorm to milk gullible anons and anon-supporters out of cash that would somehow “support anonymous.” Whatever. They’ve been outed as frauds, a bunch of people were embarrassed and they’re now on the run from the inescapable, unholy wrath of Anonymous. They wanted your money, now they probably want the world to forget them.

-National Democratic party of Sweden


-Hoosier Nation and the Vinlander Social Club

Neo-nazis, interested in infiltrating Occupy Indianapolis.


UFO cult associated with something called The Venus Project, which is debunked in a very thorough manner here. The long and short of it is that they want your money.

-Zendik Arts/Farm

Pseudo-hippie commune with a long history of former members with stories about various abuses and cult-like behavior perpetuated by Zendik leadership. They want all of your money.

-The Ron Paul Movement

Ron Paul cult of wackos

Personality cult built around a racist old coot. Why they’re involved with this is puzzling, because the overall thrust of the movement has been agitating for increased government oversight on Wall Street and banks and increased taxes on millionaires, which is something Ron Paul categorically opposes as being “un constitutional.” They want your money and your vote.

-Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth)

Neo-nazis, involved heavily with Occupy Stockholm

-The American Spectator

Patrick Howley at the National Air and Space Museum.

American neo-conservative magazine whose editor Patrick Howley bragged about infiltrating the Occupy DC movement and subsequently led a group of protestors at the National Air and Space Museum to storm the doors, which resulted in several people being pepper-sprayed. Howley was sprayed twice and praised his attackers in a peice that has since been removed from the American Spectator’s website, replaced and edited numerous times– but not before the mainstream press wrote about it.

-Oath Keepers

Right wing militia group consisting of police officers and military personnel that– aside from REALLY HATING LEFTISTS– have attempted to be a large part of Occupy Los Angeles, going so far as to issue a really scary-sounding mission statement that does everything but state outright that they plan on staging a violent revolt against the US in general.

This part of their statement gets special notice: “Our government, over many generations has taken part in the destruction of the Constitution of the United States, the slow secretive theft of the rights from the American People, and during the un American acts, compromised the integrity of our nations great name. In light of these events, we now see ever so clearly that these leaders are no longer fit to represent the People of the Free World. We the People are now exercising our rights by way of the first two Amendments in order to Stand United for the Second American Revolution.”

The first two amendments? None of the Occupy groups has even remotely suggested any possibility of being even the slightest bit friendly to anything involving the second amendment, so this is what raises warning flags. This sort of vaguely-violent language comes directly out of the same scene that birthed the Alarm and Muster maniacs and the Sovereign Citizen movement. It’s dangerous and wholly at odds with the pacifist nature of the Occupy movement thus far; this just might be another American Spectator-esque stunt to discredit the movement as a whole.

We know these elements don’t hold any sway in the broader Occupy movement. We know that the mass media’s constant hammering of “the Occupy movement has no clear message” is bull– but it’s up to all of us to ensure that message doesn’t turn into “The occupy movement is just a bunch of paranoid, anti-Semitic UFO conspiracy theorists!”


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  1. Clem Fetsmunker, Butane and butane accessories salesman

    Well said! Finally someone with the hojos to stand up to these dime store Picasso’s of a bull’s fecal matter. They are getting quite annoying. Well I guess they have always been annoying but the fact they are trying to infiltrate makes them much more annoying. I am surprised that L. Ron Paul hasn’t yet taken his private jet over to one of these occupy events and tried to crap in everyones face as he usually does. I guess he has his minions do it for him.

  2. swaneagle harijan

    Appreciate your work. Been educating myself about the “right wooing the left” since my son’s first experience with racism in 1983. Most people have not done their homework on the extreme racist right. That lack is glaring in the white male dominance of too many Occupies. Very important that people be educated about the spectrum of isms that corps use to divide us and such infiltrators are always looking for weak portals. Authentic unity has powerful potential in these times.

  3. I like how you started with obvious scammers, moles, and extremists, and then combine it with people YOU don’t agree with in order to hijack the movement for your own purposes. That’s epic irony. You’re a chump.

    • Thelibertylamp

      I like how you’re trying to claim a tiny blog is trying to “hijack” a movement when Ron Paul’s multi-million dollar political machine is doing exactly that. I guess the majority of Occupy Chicago was doing some “hijacking” of their own when they told their local ron paul infiltrators to GTFO. No, wait– they didn’t just tell them, they booed and kicked them out. Oops.

  4. By the way, I will be straight up and not try to dance around it. It is your classic portrayal of Ron as a crazy racist old coot.. that classic talking point that requires no independent thought or acknowledgement of a brilliant man is what gives you away as an infiltrator yourself. Like him or hate him, most of the people in the movement have been open enough to have intelligent and sincere conversations about the man and the ideas he champions. That’s what gave you away, your lack of intellectual humility.

    • Thelibertylamp

      What ideas are those? That 95% of all black males in DC are criminals? That global warming is a myth? That evolution doesn’t exist? That the economy needs to be placed squarely in the hands of precious metals speculators? That labor unions have no right to exist? That abortion should be criminalized? That governmental regulation of private industry is a flawed idea? That banks and capitalism need to exist in an environment unhindered and unfettered by pesky regulations? Ron Paul’s only contribution is that his rhetoric variously demands either the auditing or abolition of the federal reserve– but there is no plan after that. We’ve always had a sincere position on Ron Paul: he’s a racist, theocratic old man who– apart from being profoundly anti-labor– is an advocate of the highest degree for the privileges of the ultra-rich to live without having to contribute anything to the communities in which they live.

      And what about this term you threw in at the end– “intellectual humility?” Are you using this term because you mean to imply we are violating Mill’s credo that we are not humble about what we don’t know– that we are arrogant and close-minded? Or instead do you mean that we should humble ourselves before your sacred cows because we might offend you? Instead of readily dismissing criticisms of Paul for whatever reason, perhaps the entire Ron Paul movement needs to practice some intellectual humility of its own. I am sick and tired of seeing reams of denials and apologetics about Ron Paul’s racism in his own paper from members of his movement– when people are presented with incontrovertible statements (and even video footage, with regards to the evolution statement) from people about their political opinions, they generally understand those statements are those of the person making them. The overwhelming, rote, scripted chorus from the Ron Paul movement is “he didn’t really say that” or “he didn’t really mean that.” Who’s practicing “intellectual humility” now?

    • Clem Fetsmunker, the Lindbergh baby and professional pudding wrestler.

      If LLL’s is a bunch of “infiltrators” than I am the second coming Jesus H. Christ and you will bow down to me you insolent swine.

      Seriously though cut it out with this Ron Paul isn’t racist bullshit. It got old back in the 90s. It was born old. Ron Paul has to be racist because nobody who was against racism would say and do the shit he has said and done over his long career. They would have opposed all of it. Nobody would let’s say oppose a medal for Rosa Parks claiming they didn’t want to use taxpayer money but support the funding of a medal for the Boy Scouts and also for Cold War veterans via the taxpayer’s money. He would call 95% of blacks criminal or trash MLK or have so many racists supporting him financially. Shit that little donation from Don Black was just a drop in the bucket. I remember taking a night and just going through Stormfront and Vanguard News Network (two wholly racist forums) and everyone was talking about all the money they gave and by the end of looking through a small portion of it they had probably gotten up to over $50,000 or so.
      Also why would someone first say these are my newsletters than say they were written by a ghostwriter than claim I had nothing at all to do with them when your name is on it and listed as the contact and the staff has all been close personal friends of yours. Anyone with any integrity would have come out and said “yes these are my newsletters, I wrote them or supported whoever wrote them and put my name on them, I regret my decision to write what I wrote it was a very poor judgement call and I apologize for those I have hurt or attacked in the past.” However he said nothing like that and he has done other racist things after that.

      Plus lets keep this nifty fact mind RON PAUL IS PART OF THE 1%. He is a rich, wealthy politician, he flies around in private jets for gosh sakes. So even regardless of him being a racist, sexist and homophobic he shouldn’t be any part of the occupy movement which is supposed to represent the 99%. Should we also invite the Koch Brothers into the occupy movement or how about Bill Gates?

      1% is a bad thing whether it refers to rich folks or Motorcycle gangs it is bad news all around.

  5. Anyone who bothers to care about the actions of the extreme racist right KNOWS that Ron Paul is a bigoted father with a bigoted son. Look at his history, his appearances on bigot Alex Jones anti immigrant video rants, his close, very close involvement with white supremacists organizations as well as accepting funding from them. Just do a little homework unless you already know all this and like him that way.

    • Thelibertylamp

      EXACTLY, Eagleswan! His followers are so predictable too! They always have at least one zombie to come on whatever blog or publication to spew the same shit over and over again to defend their holy messiah. They make themselves look even more fringe and nuts!

      Seriously, these jokers are like Scientologists.

  6. Einar

    Nordisk Ungdom was never heavily involved in occupy stockholm… the few of them who were spamming our fb group were thrown out about two weeks ago, although they have been making some pretty lame attempts at making it look like they are involved on their web sites.

    • Thelibertylamp

      Sweet! Thanks for keeping us informed!

      • Einar

        No problem! Check out the fb group if you’re curious about occupy in Stockholm:

        It would be great if you could edit it in the post aswell so we can minnimize the amount of misinformation we have to deal with concerning the issue.

        • Thelibertylamp

          I understand your concerns, but the fact that there are neo-Nazis and Zeitgeist freaks at all involved with your movement, it is our duty to report.

          We will not change our article.

          • Einar

            Okay, but you do realize that Zeitgeiist are’nt nazis? And they are definately not the same thing as Nordisk Ungdom.

            The fact that someone likes you facebook page (before being thrown out when we found out they were nazis) is not the same thing as being involved with a movement right? They have no prescence at our camp, they have no presence at our general assemblies and we have taken anti-fascist stands.

            All of the above stands no matter what one may think about Zeitgeist (where I also disagree with you and I’m in no way part of their movement, but thats beside the point). The nazis of course want all the oppurtunties they can get to be affiliated with something positive as occupy, so I’m sorry but this blog is helping them in that respect, no matter how anto-nazi and interesting it is in other respects.

            • Thelibertylamp

              Zeigeist, Neo-Nazis, and the Ron Paul movement are all power hungry conspiracy cults that have nothing to do with the good of the people, they want power and your $’s.

              We are Antifa, we have Antifa comrades in Sweden whom we have very close ties with.

              You don’t think that when we get reports like this:
     …..we are going to ignore it?

              Sorry, but no.

              • Einar

                Do you know Swedish? if not I’ll translate this (takken from the article) for you:
                “De duckade beteckningen ”nazister” och förklarade sig vilja vara en del av den globala proteströrelsen, vilket skapade stor förvirring bland den unga och oerfarna arrangörsgruppen för Occupy Stockholm. Skulle man låta dem delta eller inte? I slutändan bannlystes de efter mycket kritik.”

                They (Nordisk Ungdom) ducked from the label nazis och instead meant that they wanted to be a part of the global protest movement, which created a large degree of confusement among the young and unexperienced organisers group for Occupy Stockholm. Would they let them participate or not? In the end they were banished from the group after extensive criticism.

                If you dont trust me, use google translate for yourself.

                Now, there is a lot of other things that are downright untrue about this article when it comes to occupy Stockholm (not the other stuff about neo-nazism). But it is true that they were banished.

                As one of the organizers who was there almost from the start (I threw the nazis out from the group personally) I think its outrageous that the few anarkists who were conducting what can only be compared to an organized flame and blame campaign with the purpose of sabotaging occupy Stockholm, not saving it from the right wing extremists, are still spreading this misinformation as marxists (as myself) and others from the left (including anarkists) are working hard to turn Occupy Stockholm into something great. You can choose to find out the facts for yourself or not, its up to you I guess. I’ve done my part and given you facts from the inside. But one thing is clear: That neo nazis are a part of occupy Stockholm is a downright and outrageous lie. If they were, I would certainly not be a part of the movement.

                • Thelibertylamp

                  Einar- nobody is claiming that nazis are in your movement, we are warning people that nazis are trying to infiltrate your movement and the public needs to be informed of that.

                  Stop being a little bitch!

                  • Einar

                    Relax, dont get emotional about it, I think were on the same side here. I’m just doing my job (bitching about facts on the web) as a part of the social media group. In fact, I see this word exchange as part of the work were doing to keep the nazis out. You see, if people are led to believe neo nazis are in our occupation, the people we need to keep the nazis out will not join us and help keep our occupatioon nazi free.

                    I’m not saying your not intelligent, I’m not saying you’ve done anything wrong, I like the other content of the blog post and I think it is important to discuss the stuff you’re writing about. I think it is in the nature of information on the Internet to change after other users input their feedback. I’m not trying to offend you personally.

                    • Clem Fetsmunker, half time optimist

                      The way you wrote your posts Einar they weren’t especially good natured and non offensive. Telling someone not to get emotional about it is a bit offensive.

                      There are nazis trying to infiltrate the Occupy Movement, they need to be stopped. People need to know what they are trying to do and there is no reason at all to trying and stop them from getting the info out. If someone won’t join the Occupy Movement because Nazis are trying to get in then they are worthless anyway if you cannot join up and help keep the negative elements out then what use are you? There is really no point in the Occupy Movement if you cannot keep things sustained, active and also keep negative elements out.

                    • Einar

                      In that case I sincerely apologize. I did’nt mean them as offensive but if they were seen as that then I will need to think more about how i formulate myself in the future.

                      I have some new information about anti-semitism in occupy also. We are right now having a pretty wild discussion about people from the La Rouche movement in occupy Stockholm. They, in contrast to ND, seem to have spent considarable resources onnfiltrating us. Personally I wonder if it is to late to fix the problem. I would however like to send out a request for more information on their activities in occupy Stockholm if anyone has anything.

                    • Einar

                      And I recognize that it has been an emotional time for me. We’ve been working hard to keep right wing extremists out so its frustrating when the successes we have had in this are’nt recognized. I should have realized you guys of course are relaying the info you find credable.

  7. Awesome roundup, fersure, but you forgot the most dangerous infiltrators of all: the Democratic Party, in the form of MoveOn, Progressive Democrats Of America, and rich waddling poseur Michael Moore who, at a speech to Occupy Oakland the other day, claimed to have inspired the Occupy Movement with his documentary Capitalism, A Love Story:

    Never mind the Paultards, the Oaf Keepers and the Zeitgeist cranks; they’re just the sideshow, the comic relief. The Democrats are the ones to really watch out for. They’re the only ones really capable of sucking the blood out of the movement and diverting its energy into propping up Wall Street house slave Barack Obama. They’re the 800-pound elephant in the room… or, maybe that should be the 800-pound donkey.

  8. remember bush and obama are the same old drama!!!!
    we were cursed with the obamanable snowjob

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  10. Clem Fetsmunker sez on 10.29.11 @01:02:

    I am surprised that L. Ron Paul hasn’t yet taken his private jet over to one of these occupy events and tried to crap in everyones face as he usually does. I guess he has his minions do it for him…

    El Rondo’s already too late with that. Michael Moore has already swung by Wall Street and Oakland and crapped in their faces, but good… and took the time to pimp the Democratic Party while he was at it.

    • Clem Fetsmunker, Half man Half Gerbil with just a splish splash of Irish

      But Michael Moore is a hero he made a movie about stuff and the democrats are saving this country. Don’t you remember Bush he was so bad and stuff and now Bush is gone so no more Bush. Just Kidding!

      The democrats are probably a bigger threat to this whole occupy thing I would have to agree but the fact these folks are not doing enough about the racists and nutters in the movement has me buggin’. I figured Democraps would get in just fine (seeing the lame state of the country) but I didn’t think the 3rd position would be able to move in as they have. I am sure the people will vote in tweedledee once again till the next cycle when it is tweedledumbasses turn again. Gotta love Uhmericah and our lovely political system. Nothing like a good ‘ole fashion big penis fight every 4 years or so. It would be probably easier if we eliminated all the debates and fundraising and just had a Guinness World Record official come by and measure each candidates penis and whoever is longer wins. At least then we know how bad we will be fucked ; )

  11. Patrick ~ the young'un

    Yes, politicians and Pundits are the real soul-sucking vampires for sure; but….M. Moore isn’t pimping for the Dems. I’m not much of a fan of his these days (‘Capitalism’ was his lousiest, shrillest most unfocused movie) but he is no more a supporter of a Democratic Party than Ron Paul is, and there’s a world of difference between their philosophies, if not their bank accounts. Now is not the time to be childish and act so pure. Who cares how much money he made or how fat he is? These character attacks against Moore are boring posturing nonsense. He brings attention where he goes, so? — and yes, his baggage (ego, self-promotion) is tired and this movement needs to gain it’s own momentum and not go all gooey for rich star power like RATM or Sarandon or whoever. For all his faults, I honestly think Moore means well, is not trying to control the movement for his own agenda, and sure as hell isn’t trying to steer it to the side of the Dems.

    While I totally agree that it is vital to not allow Occupy to be coopted by the traitorous Democrat, it would also be a rotten thing to be overcome with bitterness and paranoia about those who have the ability to get on a jet and show their support in their own way. It’s free advertizement for the movement as much as anything else. Nothing to get all Purist Bitchy about.
    However, if Alex Jones shows up, you have my blessing to tie him up and roll him down the street, using his followers as bowling pins.

    • Clem Fetsmunker, The 6th Beatle

      But he is pimping for the dems. He did that back during the ’04 hellection big time. He supported JOHN KERRY who was a warmonger deluxe and basically a more boring longer faced clone of Bush. He has no backbone he makes some ok movies but really they are meaningless when he personally supports democrats. I don’t care what he looks like or any of that shit I just care that Occupy is being taken over by all different sides in a very bad way and people like Michael Moore are helping in that. It is not paranoia it is just not wanting the movement tainted by right wingers or democrats parading around like lefties.

      I am really tired of the whole “any press or publicity is good” mentality. It is not healthy and it leads to problems down the road.

  12. Freaking great article, so true but so sad that the Americam or World has feel on individual over helping others and greed over sharing! I haven’t made a dollar documenting the wall st movement but have more individual content then I know what to do w/ from many different occupations and still work on covering many more in the days and weeks to come.. We have to push aside the people that want to destroy the hope for change and when they see they can’t seperate us then they will have nothing left.

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