Neo-Nazi John Taylor Bowles Personal Emails Released!

Doughy Nazi is doughy

Former presidential candidate and American Nazi Party head-honcho John Taylor Bowles was the target of antifascist hackers today, with his entire personal email account leaked. Contained within this juicy slab of neo-nazi failure is a generous portion of gossip about various figures in the American neo-nazi scene, tons of shit-talking about the rival NSM, details about future events, personal information and all sorts of deliciously embarrassing things that would be hilarious to read even if the target wasn’t an actual, goose-stepping, brown-shirted neo-nazi.

Is so American, he'll run for president as a Neo-Nazi holding a Chinese copy of a Soviet assault rifle.

The archive of all his emails and other booty can be found here, among other places.

The official wordpress site of this hack can be found here: <—Bwahahaahaaaa!!!!

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