Hey! American Viking Donald Palmer…U MAD, Bro?

Looks like Donald Palmer from the racist bone-head gang American Vikings (Vinlanders) is a little upset because Daryle Lamont Jenkins from the Anti-Racist organization One People’s Project got his hands on a Hammerskin patch. You see, boneheads treat these worthless pieces of fabric like holy relics, so…well… a picture says a thousand words, after all.

The whole thing has put poor Donny on his Facebook in a really bad mood. He took this down but we got the screenshot just in time….LOLOLOLOLOOOO!!!!!!!


HELL TO PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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2 responses to “Hey! American Viking Donald Palmer…U MAD, Bro?

  1. Nothing but children. It’s a fucking patch.

  2. Clem Fetsmunker, Wedding planner for ducks and used shoe salesman

    AV patch? Is it a picture of a T.V. and a projector or maybe better yet Neal Goldman from Family Guy:

    Those Nazis are really just nerdy Jewish stereotypes from a cartoon show…I knew it.

    BTW cool patch, bro!