Terrorist Youth Network is Now Promoting Lynching.

Matthew Heimbach marches with the Neo-confederate VA Flaggers.

Matthew Heimbach marches with the Neo-confederate VA Flaggers.

Hate groups are never short of paranoia. They are constantly projecting their own violent tendencies in the form of self victimization.

The brilliant history blog Crossroads and author Brooks D Simpson have being doing an excellent job of reporting the day-to-day lunacy and latest in media whoredom of the “The Virginia Flaggers”.

Just in case you may not have heard of them, these Neo-Confederate dress up cosplay losers want to erect a big-ass pole and Confederate flag outside of Richmond VA. Having watched way too much Gone with the Wind as children, they want to return to the idyllic past where black people were property.

Onward we go to how much idiocy is being excreted from this situation; the flaggers now believe their big pole and made-in-China nylon rag is going to incite the big bad boogeymen of “the left” into vandalizing/harming/terrorizing them for their hoop skirt fantasies. As Brooks D Simpson reported on the rhetoric of these morons:

First, it was a warning about “vandalism.” Now, it’s a warning about terrorism:

You know what worries me the most about the level of vicious hatred individual Leftist haters express on postings of these types of articles lately?

I worry that sooner or later some lone nut or two, possibly inspired by the anti-Confederate flag rhetoric of these people will – in the name of “tolerance” and “patriotism” of course – commit some heinous act of violence of the type that took place in Aurora, CO or recently in Boston, MA. 

Its all too easy for me to envision someone planting a pressure cooker or worse pulling an AK-47 on a Veteran’s Day Parade that features Confederate re-enactors. 

The Left has recently shown these last couple of years they can no longer reasonably control their crazies, assuming they are even trying.

The irony is that Matthew Heimbach (see photo above, the guy up front in the black jacket) is fairly recent to the Neo-Nazi scene but a well known white supremacist; from what you can see from the photo, he’s a member/supporter of the Virginia flaggers.

We just recently featured a story about Heimbach’s fellow “White Student Union” school club member John Stortstrom  who was involved in creating explosives as a contractor with the military.

In that story, we also mentioned the new parent group of the white student union: “The Traditionalist Youth Network,” a group born out of the old Youth For Western Civilization college club sponsored by Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute.

The Traditionalist Youth Network is a apparently being run by Heimbach and the Indiana white power gadfly Matt Parrott and is most likely backed by The American Freedom Party .

Ya’ll still following this?

It looks like ugly just got uglier because now The Traditionalist Youth Network is now promoting the violence of lynching.

Translation: Communists= Blacks Zionists=Jews Modernists=Gays

Communists= Blacks

On their page they go into great detail how the young violent hate monger can create violent and threatening signs that promote racial terrorism on the people. And we thought all that was already over.


Some quotes from the article (which we made sure to take screen shots of)


If you followed these directions correctly, it means that you’ve got a kick-ass sign which is capable of lynching Communism worse than a farmer beating a rented mule.

 Now that you know how to make an awesome sign, get out there and be a strong Church Militant, and don’t forget to post some pictures on our Facebook wall…

Who are the REAL terrorists NOW?


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26 responses to “Terrorist Youth Network is Now Promoting Lynching.

  1. As a friend of mine says: You cannot make this shit up! And this is truly shit. thanks for exposing this sick individuals.

  2. These people scare no one. But what confuses me more than anything is the “get over it” or “I didn’t own any slaves” rationalizations when dealing with Black people’s anger at being formerly owned. But not able to put that very same weak ass logic in play when playing civil war butt buddy’s and that tired staple, “the south will rise again”. Please, you lost get the fuck over it and stop swinging that flag around, it’s the flag of losers…that is unless what you are are losers.

    I think there’s a Black lady running around with this group as well. And that Matthew person, he’s gonna push his luck a little too far one day.

    • Thelibertylamp

      That black lady’s name is Karen Cooper, she’s also a Ron PaulTARD…I think that says it right there…

      The strange thing about her is that she isn’t even from the south she’d from NY!

      So, a black woman who is a NY transplant to the Richmond area who is into a known white supremacist politician and is has a neo-Confederate fetish….I don’t get it…do you?

      • I think you said it, “fetish”. How much you wanna bet there more than flag waving going on there? There is no excuse for this much self-hatred.

        • One day we are going to sit down over a cup of coffee and I will tell you things that will make your head spin about wannabe Nazis/white supremacists who are not exactly white….you just want to knock them with a 2X4 and see if that will wake them up.

          • Hunglikejesus

            Sounds like meeting in it’s early planning. I would love to hear this.

            • Thelibertylamp

              Well, we should make it so…

              • I’m in Georgia, what about you?

                • Thelibertylamp

                  We are spread out over the north east. We might be due for a road trip soon.

                  • So what exactly is TLL? Is this just part of antifa or something all together different? If it is I really like the way the antis step to these people with no fear.

                    • Thelibertylamp

                      We are a collective of researchers who work with One People’s Project.

                    • Oh!! Okay, I love the guy that heads up ( I guess) OPP. I’m really proud of people like all of you that do this thankless work. BIG UP!!

                    • Thelibertylamp

                      Well, thank you sir! Yes, we love THAT GUY too!

                      He handles the Nazis, but he is very human about it, so he has respect from even them.

                      He’s like an anti-racist social worker and believe it or not he nor any of us have ever received any money from the big wigs we do this out of passion.

                    • Not receiving money keeps people honest I think. I’m must tell you though, I had given up on having white people come around and see Black people as individuals. I focus mainly on Black people now and getting them to snap outta the reality tv haze and see what’s going on around them. And frankly I have very little use for non-Black people simply because we have been taking shit since our inception. My heart has harden and I have become more than cynical.

                      Maybe once I get my humanity back I’ll change my ways, but as it stands I see it getting worst for me and people like me.

                    • Thelibertylamp


                      Humanity won’t change until humanity comes together.

                      To be honest with you I have less trust of the government than of individuals.

                      I think it’s them who try to keep everyone divided.

                    • Most definitely. The government profits off of the manufactured hatred it puts out and since we don’t each other they can whatever they want. And people know the government is evil yet still rotate as they dictate.

                      Like Black people are more violence and will kill you before they say hello. All those government stats about Black are what racist right feeds on. But get this; they don’t believe anything the government says, until the government says something they believe. Funny how that works.

                    • Thelibertylamp

                      The funny facts are many of these white supremacists are all on welfare, have issues with violence and crime, and spend all their days on forums complaining about “nonwhites” they accuse of those very things.

                      It’s like a weird wacko cult, but then most kinds of nationalism and tribalism is….

                    • They also seem it enjoy sex with children.

                    • Thelibertylamp

                      ….ugh…and then there is THAT!

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  6. Disturbing reading. I brought up the syndicalist flag because I attended an anarchist college Tolstoy College in Buffalo in the 1970s.

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