Death In June = Fascist Scum In September

Let’s also take the time to highlight the antics of another set of clowns associated with racist heathens: Death In June.

Yes, Death In June are touring again. Circle Ansuz has provided tour dates and a sample letter to send to the venues.

Would you like to have THIS playing at your local club?

Boyd Rice and Bob Heick

Every time this group pops up on the radar, there’s howls from every corner of the internet exhorting people to leave them alone, either because they don’t want to give them any attention or because of some half-baked copypasta about Death In June’s “artistic message.”

Let’s shoot that down right now: their “artistic message” is boring folk music with random, atonal acoustic guitar strumming. Some hipsters decided that its “dangerous” image was marketable and it’s now turned into a lifestyle brand. That’s it for any arguments about their “artistic merit.”

For those of you who are not aware of this group, Death in June is a musical group headed by Douglas Pearce– who is often its only member. Pearce and Death in June have repeatedly collaborated with former American Front member Boyd Rice– Rice could constitute his own entry, but suffice to say, his schtick is to attempt to be as offensive as possible– and their albums frequently feature overtly Nazi imagery, europhiliac themes and material that cheekily and obliquely references Nazi Germany immediately before the war. Pearce has put Death In June material on compilations supporting fascist and neo-nazi organizations and groups, like Romania’s infamous Iron Guard. Its “grinning skull” logo is clearly derived from the logo of the 3rd div. Waffen SS “Totenkopf,” one of its secondary logos (three vertical bars) is, again, the tactical marking of the 3rd div. Waffen SS “Totenkopf” during the Kursk offensive. On stage, Pearce likes to adorn himself in the specific variant of camouflage used by the Waffen-SS from 1944 to 1945: Flecktarn Erbsenmuster.

1944 Erbsenmuster Camouflage and a WWII German Sniper Veil.

Pearce in 1944 Erbsenmuster Camouflage and a WWII German Sniper Veil.

Pearce is, predictably, slippery when it comes to allegations of fascist sympathies. When he’s directly confronted with those types of questions, he pulls out ridiculous non-answers like “I prefer to suck, white, uncircumsised cocks.” Pearce also sticks by the assertion he made in a 1985 interview with Sounds magazine:

“Our interest doesn’t come from killing all opposition, as it’s been interpreted, but from identification with or understanding of the leftist elements of the SA which were purged, or murdered by the SS. That day is extremely important in human history… They were planning execution or overthrow of Hitler, so he wouldn’t be around. We’d be living in a completely different world, I should imagine… It’s fascinating that a few people held the destiny of the world and mankind in their hands for those few hours and let it slip, and it could’ve gone either way.”

Of course, this is a blatant lie. Hitler did not order the execution of Ernst Rohm and the Sturmabteilung because of an assassination plot, they were executed because Hitler saw the SA as a thuggish rival for power, and to punish Rohm’s increasingly embarrassing homosexual lifestyle, which underscores the irony of the openly gay Pearce naming his band after an overtly homophobic event. Immediately after the executions were carried out, the the SS fabricated the entire “assassination threat” story as a means to justify the killings.

Either Pearce has not read a history book in the intervening 28 years, or he’s lying to cover his ass. His “artistic” attempts fall flat on their face and he has a long history of associating with and praising the efforts of fascists and neo-nazis. Oppose this tour.


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5 responses to “Death In June = Fascist Scum In September

  1. Cheezus H. Christ will somebody give these clowns some direction. It’s just one cartoon after another, and this is what happens when people are left twisting in the wind by a society who’s to busy to be bothered. Any ol’ fool can come by and say any ol’ thing. This is evident in all the gangs and the cops. Well, I just added cops, but it could be the case as well. And we know this is what happens in the military. I have absolutely lost my train of thought, and I may be twisting in the wind.

    • Clem Fetsmunker, International Lawn Gnome Distributor and Hat Wearer

      Good Luck SF. I tried listening to them and their music literally sucks. I mean I like dark and brooding stuff and acoustic stuff but it just wasn’t good. They are truly a shitty nazi band that also has poor taste in cocks (though I cannot fault them on their penile choices)

      I mean if you are going to be shitty racist people who do and say shitty things and dress up in ugly costumes at the very least you could attempt to make decent music. I mean you shouldn’t strive to be shitty in all aspects of your life. Or better yet since your brains lack capacity for much being boneheads and all, at least be comical and play really bad hair metal and make funny videos like your fellow racists BattleCry!

      As that old punk classic by Jello Biafra goes “Nazi Punks, Nazi Punks, Nazi Punks, FUCK OFF!!!!”

      • Thelibertylamp

        Really. Monotone guitar strumming and whispered vocals about how great Europe is? Better talent than theirs gets booed offstage at open mic nights at the local coffee shops! And this is edgey and revolutionary and creative HOW?!