Death in June’s Tour of FAIL!




College cancels Death in June concert Cites fear of vandals, disruptions at Old Town Hall


Thanks to our comrades Circle Asuz who gave us the heads up on the tour dates of neo-Nazi band Death in June the word has gotten out and these Nazi have been met with much butthurt.

From September 12 in LA:

Antifascist glue locks and Pain the Vex venue in Los Angeles in response to fascist third position band Death in June
Early this morning on September 11th members of the Clement Antifascist Front attacked the Vex venue in Los Angeles. The Vex made the mistake of booking the fascist third position band Death in June for a show tomorrow night, September 12th at 5240 Alhambra Ave Los Angeles, California 90032, so we glued all of their locks and left antifascist symbols painted in red on the front and back of the building. We also painted “We are always watching” along with multiple exclamations of “ANTIFA!” on the building and loading dock.

We hope this sends a clear message that fascists and fascist sympathizers are not welcome in Los Angeles. When “art” promotes fascism and third position politics, becoming a breeding ground for neo-fascist, it must be resisted and destroyed by any means. There is no room for discussion, and if you do not support this action then you do not support the fight against fascism and white supremacy. We do not reason and talk with fascists and their sympathizers, we take action!

Fascism is on the rise all across the world, but it is not without resistance fighters out in the streets and under the veil of darkness. Consider this small symbolic action as the beginning of our full out attack on fascism in the US. From the NSM to the American Freedom Party and Golden Dawn, and all those who defend their right to speech and assembly, you are a target, and we will come after you.

We wish our comrades in San Francisco the best of luck this Friday, and we can only hope for similar actions to occur all over the states in resistance to neo-fascist bands and organizations.All it takes is some glue and paint, or a few bats and knuckles.
For all the Antifascists who were arrested in London and the Antifascists fighting in Greece, Italy, France, and around the world.
In Solidarity with the Tinley Park Five and all Antifascists prisoners
… for Clement Meric.

From San Francisco :


Bay Area Antifa alert!

An anti-fascist queer bloc has been called to protest and shut down the Third Position fascist band ‘Death In June’ concert on Friday, September 13th – 9 pm @ the Mezzanine in San Francisco. While there is a queer bloc all anti-fascists are invited but if you are a straight person please do not dominate the protest. As you can read below Douglas Pearce is a gay fascist so it is best if queer folks are on the front. Any homophobic remarks made by anyone in our presence with be dealt with accordingly.
Please contact the Mezzanine to demand they cancel they show or we will shut it down ourselves

If anyone wishes us to post up a report back or an announcement please feel free to contact us.

pressservices2008 (at)


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8 responses to “Death in June’s Tour of FAIL!

  1. Hellige

    I’m not a nazi I attended the show on sept 11th. It was a packed house. Your grade school attempts to shut down a show failed in fact there was no sign of any wrong doing. Go sip you’re vegan tea and cry alone.

    • Thelibertylamp

      Are you a typical Death in June fan? The show was on the 12th, so if you were there on the 11th, you weren’t seeing Death in June. In fact, there wasn’t any show there on the 11th at all. Are you sure you were even at Vex?

      And all tea is vegan. Have you been drinking beef tea? Or fish tea? Cheese tea, egg tea… pork tea? gross!

    • Clem Fetsmunker, Rotary Phone Psychic and Elvis impersonator Impersonator

      Wait wait wait are you a worse version of “Tricky Dick” Nixon? “I am not a nazi errrr crook” Plus your name is their closing greeting/2012 European tour. I am pretty sure you must be a nazi or some form of white power/supremacist/nationalist type, only they would listen to this sort of shitty music and claim to be at non existent concerts. When I say shitty I mean the music is horrible for what it is trying to be. Even if these guys were anti-fascists or close friends their music would still be horrible.

      Honestly HeilHitler I think the only thing packed was a certain backdoor entrance with uncircumcised white penises. Your mouth was obviously full
      of shit, Dougy boy! And no I am not attacking you for being gay, I do wish though that you would have more fashionable costumes or dress like Officer Dangle from Reno 911 if you are going to play a nazi.

      Just a side note:
      The band on their website is claiming that they are playing Chicago and then the next day are playing West Palm Beach, Florida a whole 18+ hours away. Either they are bourgeois nazis with money to burn on air travel or they are so shitty they couldn’t find a gig or gigs between there. Either way that is fail and stupid for a tour especially when the next day they are heading up to Salem.

      Tea leaves are generally vegan but some companies add shit to lesser teas or flavored varieties.

  2. I’m extremely anti-social in a nonviolent type of way until that way doesn’t work.

    They should be shut down because that “music” sucks ass.

  3. Two Ferrets

    Death In June is still performing, just not in Salem.