Cold-blooded murder of Antifa rapper by Golden Dawn operative

We'll never forget you, comrade!

We’ll never forget you, comrade!

Weeks before the International Meeting Against Fascism and Racism in Athens, this happens:

34-year old Antifascist Pavlos Fyssas murdered by Golden Dawn member in Athens

On the night of September 17th, the 34-year old antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas (aka Killah P) was murdered by a 45-year old, who openly admitted to the police to being a member of the Golden Dawn.

Fyssas had been with two friends in the area of Keratsini, in Pireaus. He was attacked by approximately 25 members of the Golden Dawn, one of which stabbed him. Fyssas was taken to the hospital in Nikaia, where he died soon thereafter.

Originally, the Golden Dawn had refused any link to the 45-year old. However, in a police raid in his house, his Golden Dawn Party member ID was retrieved from the garbage, as allegedly he had tried to discard it. Up until now, twelve hours after the arrest, the police have yet to release the name or other information about the self-confessed murderer.

Occupied London has been providing updates about this developing situation. Here is a sample of their updates:


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10 responses to “Cold-blooded murder of Antifa rapper by Golden Dawn operative

  1. This is tragic and ask that the Most High bless and receive this fallen soldier and his family as well.

    Doing this thankless work antifa should always be ready for these animals. Always know that violence is part of there MO. They are some of biggest cowards on the planet and stoop to any level to get what they want .

    I know antifa knows what the dangers are and act accordingly. Just watch your back, these people can’t play fair and won’t play fair. They are simple terrorist and should be treated as such. I felt like a tool using the word terrorist just now, but that shoe fits.

    • Thelibertylamp


      The sick part about all this is it was done in front of the cops and none of them did anything to help him or stop this.

      We might have some concerns here in the US but there are areas of the world that are getting scary as shit. Hungary, Russia, and Greece are falling into the hands of those who want to recreate Hitler, Mussolini and Franco.

      It has become legal to kill Antifa under Putin. It might not be written, but his gangs of skinhead supporters can do as they wish with no consequence. And they have, there have been murders of Antifa there too with nothing being done about it

      In this country the best way to spot the Fascists are by noticing those who are supporting Putin here.

      • My skin crawled as I read your reply. As bad as things can be in this police state of merika we are doing a lot better than most. I know Russia is a haven for these cowardly bastards especially since they are being protected by the state. A state that’ll chew their asses up like the rest when the agenda is carried out.

        I really wish we had a mulligan on humanity.

        I would love to be apart of Antifa, but my patiences is far too thin and temper won’t allow ANYBODY to treat me badly or talk to me crazy.

        I got respect for you guys that face these bitches and don’t blink.

  2. Hey, sorry for leaving this message here, but I’m far too lazy to search for a proper addy. I was just wondering what you guys think about Lew Rockwell. I had a conversation with him, and I was asking him about his overt racism, and he for some reason didn’t seem to know what I was talking about.