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Bradford: come to fight fascism. Stay for the tea.

Wish we could be there…

Anti-Fascist Network

come to fight fascism stay for the tea

The English Defence League have announced they plan to bring their hatred to Bradford’s streets on the 12th of October. A new group of anti-fascists has formed who are busy making plans to defend the city. Whether you are from from Bradford or coming from further afield to offer mutual aid, you are welcome to join Bradford Anti-Fascists in militant opposition to the EDL on our streets.

This is a national EDL demo and we know they see this city as the place to start the race war they so desire. They will turn out in numbers. On the 12th of October we must act together to show them that they are not wanted, not needed and not welcome in the city of Bradford.

The EDL have already scored an own goal as Bradford City’s schedule has had to be rejigged for their hate march. The police have asked Bradford…

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