Gone with the Flag


How sad and pathetic…

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Those of you who are new to our blog will be interested to know that we’ve been keeping track of a group from Virginia calling themselves “The Virginia Flaggers.” Their premise is simple, if not typically pompous for the romantic fantasy of the old south: “honor history” by restoring the confederate flag to prominence in the capital of the old confederacy by flying it in public. Thus far, their actions consist of a handful of participants waving confederate flags in front of libraries, museums and public buildings, and their greatest successes consist of being a nuisance to drivers and pedestrians.

Their latest scheme to annoy as many drivers as possible is to erect a fifty-foot tall flagpole “somewhere” along the I-95 approach to southern Richmond. That “somewhere” has finally been revealed to be 2501 Old Bermuda Hundred Road, owned by James D and Barbara B Eaton(registration is required, but free). James D and Barbara B Eaton run Eaton Landscaping and Lawn Care, and they are in all probability nothing more than patsies set up by the flaggers. Let’s take the time to point out just how incredibly silly it is to hide the location of a FIFTY FOOT TALL FLAG POLE, because once the flag goes up, everyone’s going to know exactly where it is, and property records are freely available to the public. The worn-out “heritage not hate” argument has already been thoroughly dissolved by us and others. We’ve documented their embrace of openly racist hate groups and individuals and the blog Civil War Crossroads has demolished their weak academic posturing; you can find out more at the links provided.

Today is the day that the flag was to be unfurled. We were seriously contemplating whether this would even happen at all, given the recent internal strife that saw their head drop everything and put as much distance between her and the group as possible. We’ve speculated that the flag wouldn’t be going up at all, and as proof that we shouldn’t be playing the lottery, it went up.

We were taking bets on what the final disposition of this saga would be:

mean people on the internet made us feel bad so we chickened out at the last minute

communist liberals made reams of undocumented, unverifiable death threats against us that we never bothered to report to the police, so we’re attempting to save face by defending it with video cameras and tazers

Lurching and squeaking like a broken toy, the flaggers managed to unfurl a historically inaccurate, fifteen-by-fifteen sheet of made-in-china nylon along the southern approach to Richmond along I-95. It’s mostly hidden behind a line of trees, visible only from directly across the highway.

Considering the amount of difficulty encountered by simply attempting to erect a flagpole, this will probably be the beginning of the end of the Virginia Flaggers. We suspect it won’t be long before some other idiotic ideologue tries to emulate their confederate forebears and chase after a lost cause.


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12 responses to “Gone with the Flag

  1. I feel kinda sorry for these people, theirs is a culture in it’s death throes and nobody wants to go ahead and take it out of it’s misery. They had long run, and the road is simply running out. They missed the suit and tie racist boat so now they’ll splinter and cause minor problems here and there until somebody gets’s wise and takes on the government. Of course that’ll end messy which will cause a minor uprise, but nothing to worry about though. These groups are so infiltrated that they only do what they are allowed to do.

    • Thelibertylamp

      They are a culture based in oppression, slave ownership and ignorance.

      Their little get together was small and lame, with old dying racists stumbling through the dirt to honor their shitty made in China nylon rag that nobody will pay any attention to.

      Time for them to grow up and let go of their silly glorified fairytales of pseudo heroism, and join 2014.

      I love history just as much as the next person, but loving history and trying to re-live it are two different things.

      They are no different than the kids who cos-play at being anime or Harry Potter caricatures, only those cos-play kids probably are nicer people and smarter.

      As always, we love your input here….

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  3. Oh, man, is that ever fuckin’ sad. I’m sure glad we decided not to waste time and gas driving to Richmond to cover these clowns.

    Why does this remind me of that old Monty Python sketch with John Cleese as Hitler, trying to run for mayor of this little British country town, thinking he can maintain his cover by changing the spelling of his name to “Hilter”? (along with his buddies, “Bimmler” and “Ron Vibbentrop”)

    • Thelibertylamp

      Floog- it’s almost worth taking a trip down there in a thunder storm and getting the epic footage of that thing getting struck by lightning….

      • What’s really hilarious is the way their flag is sort of hiding among the trees, pretty much invisible unless you’re directly across from it on the highway. It’s almost like they were embarassed, or something.

        If those knuckleknobs had any cajones at all, they’d have cleared all the trees within a fifty-yard radius around the flagpole all the way to the highway and hoisted that fucker tall and proud, instead of having it appear to cower sheepishly among the trees.