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Antifascists invade, search hotel housing NPI Nazis, then catch one in street

Outside the Club Quarters

DC Direct Action News

On the 25th of October, anti-fascist activists received intelligence that the suit-and-tie Nazis of the National Policy Institute were staying at the Club Quarters, a hotel near Lafayette Park. Acting on this tip, they were able to enter the hotel and search the 11th thru the 7th floors in an attempt to find their rooms.

Video of hotel search and street confrontation

NPI had been at a dinner earlier that night and would have been easy to find there, but the intel arrived too late for a raid on their posh meal. Activists were tipped that the Nazis were on the 11th floor, but unfortunately the intelligence lacked room numbers.

The Nazis left no evidence of which rooms they were in, and by the time activists reached the 11th floor all of them were either in their rooms behind locked doors or holed up individually elsewhere in the building. A…

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Greece: When the state turns antifa


Greece: When the state turns antifa

A detailed history of the rise and fall of the Golden Dawn, and the Greek government’s complicity.

Golden Dawn (GD), as we knew it, is over. Their leader N. Michaloliakos is behind bars, along with other prominent members, while those who survived the first purge are facing added charges that emerged a few days after the first arrests. While this was happening, a number of their offices around Greece have closed down, the state funding they received has been stopped, and reports indicate that many of their members (ex or current) are forming lines outside the High Court to testify against the organization. These testimonies are used as key evidence in the legal proceedings, leading among other things to the finding of hidden weapons[1]. Even if the legal case does not bring most of GD’s members to prison, the inside fighting is bound to create enough damage to forbid the…

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“Hey Bonehead, If the Cops Weren’t Here You Would be Getting Fucked Up Right Now:” A Reportback From Leif Erikson Day 2013

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Video: Noam Chomsky thinks your 9/11 conspiracy theories are stupid. We agree!

Every so often, a few lay people get it in their heads that they can either adequately debate Chomsky or that they’re able to trap him in a “gotcha” moment. Chomsky is a world-renowned linguist, and that there are people out there who think they can trip him up or expect to get a pat answer out of a few leading questions amuses us to no end. Case in point: this recent talk Chomsky gave at the University of Florida where a 9/11 truther asked him a long-winded, leading question about building seven. I guess it’s because they’ve heard two or three things Chomsky has said that dovetail into their conspiracy theories, but they seem to believe that simply because they agree with a few things Chomsky says, Chomsky must agree with everything they say.

The result is utterly devastating in a way that only a Noam Chomsky beatdown can be:

My favorite line?

“There happen to be a lot of people around who spent an hour on the internet and think they know a lot of physics, but it doesn’t work like that”

The truther who asked the question also put it up on his youtube channel, and he’s predictably baffled by Chomsky’s “shocking” response– which, of course, isn’t shocking at all if you’ve bothered to read any of his books.


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And When You Smile for the Camera…Matt Parrott!

And When You Smile for the Camera...Matt Parrott!

Matt Parrott at the All Gone Wrong for the KSS/Skinhead’s Leif Ericsson Day Rally


October 19, 2013 · 6:56 pm

Getting Our Crew Ready for the Weekend


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Photo of the Year!

Daryle Lamont Jenkins, spokesman for the anti-racist One People s Project, yells at a KKK supporter during a 2006 rally the Klan held at Gettysburg National Military Park

Daryle Lamont Jenkins, spokesman for the anti-racist One People s Project, yells at a KKK supporter during a 2006 rally the Klan held at Gettysburg National Military Park


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Traditionalist Youth Network Pepper Sprays Itself

Official inquiries are being lodged as to whether the Traditionalist Youth Network staged the attack, but for now, let’s repost this report from South Side ARA:

At about 5 30pm members of the traditionalist youth network (TYN), a fascist organization based out of Indiana, joined by knights party, gathered at 7th and Cherry in Terre Haute, IN. The group was meeting up with supporters before their protest against Tim Wise’s speaking engagement at Indiana State University 3 blocks down.

Within 5 minutes of arriving at the meet-up location, 9 white supremacists were confronted by 3 antifascists as another anti-racist waiting for the protest looked on.

How stupid do you have to be to spray your friends in the face with pepper spray?

How stupid do you have to be to spray your friends in the face with pepper spray?

TYN’s leader Thomas Buhls received 2-3 punches to the face and had his mouth split open. Immediately after, one nazi was dropped to the floor with one punch while Brian Bryant, who hilariously drove 9 hours from Arkansas, threw his sign and ran away screaming as one of the antifascists chased him through the intersection. Another white supremacist also received about 5-6 blows to the head while being held by his shirt. Meanwhile, Thomas Buhls cowardly pulled out his pepper spray and sprayed the uninvolved anti-racist onlooker (also accidentally pepper  spraying Matthew Heimbach LOL!!) as Matt Parrott, who was tossed to the floor, grabbed onto his leg and held it while curling up in the fetal position like a docile child. The anti-racist escaped his hold by punching his way out in self defense but then was later detained by the fascists and arrested. He got out the next morning on a measly misdemeanor battery.

Although the fascists outweighed the antifas, and outnumbered them almost 3-1, they did not manage to land a single punch. For a “militant street fighting force” the fascists were unimpressive and quickly resorted to cowardly pepper spraying someone and palling around with the local authorities.

Needless to say Traditionalist Youth Network did not make it to their protest on time, or in full cadre, nor did they “offer resources” to any students or student groups. After the day was over the antifascists reached their most important goal; to attack white supremacists regardless of the outcome, and to refuse them any safety in organizing.

White supremacist organizing will not go unchallenged.

– Solidarity to the TP5


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Ahead of their #Bradford hate tour the #EDL announce a new Führer.

Fash Free Zone

With just two days to go before the English Defence League bring their hate tour to Bradford a rushed meeting of their regional organisers was called and they chose Tim Ablitt to run the organisation in the wake of Tommy and Kev’s departure. Not unsurprisingly the members had no vote on this.


Tim is not an unknown quantity: back in 2010 he was arrested by Dorset serious crime unit on suspicion of planning to bomb a mosque and in 2011 he joined the British Freedom Party, an openly fascist party which was set up by BNP members who split after the party was forced to allow non-whites into its ranks, as an organiser for them.

It appears our fears have been realised and that the fascists have now taken complete control of the EDL, we can expect the Nazi saluting, ayran race warriors to be out in force for…

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Letters Desperately Needed For Jeremy Hammond’s Sentencing by 10/15

Prison Reform Movement's Weblog- America: Land of the Free, Home of the Incarcerated

Reposted from Jay Leiderman’s Blogspot:

Letters Desperately Needed For Jeremy Hammond‘s Sentencing by 10/15

The time is now to support Jeremy Hammond

“You don’t have to know Jeremy to help, you just have to care”

~ Jeremy’s friend Grace said that at the #FreeHammond/#FreeBB fundraiser in NY in August.  It is doubtless true.  Jeremy Hammond is a prisoner pending sentencing for computer hacking crimes. His crimes were acts of civil disobedience, acts of protest against an encroaching surveillance state. He is part of a new breed of electronic dissident, a list populated by such pop heroes as Edward SnowdenChelsea ManningBarrett BrownJulian Assange and the PayPal14.   Jeremy faces a maximum of 10 years under the plea agreement he signed.  The government will want the full 10 years.  Will you please help us ask the judge for less time?

Jeremy’s sentencing is not going to be delayed any…

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