A week before EDL’s Bradford hate march their plan to bomb school children and mosques is exposed.

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The EDL is terrorist scum!

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If anyone was in any doubt about what dangers the English Defence League pose to our society then today new evidence surfaced that should put that to bed. The Old Bailey heard how a sixteen year old, inspired by the EDL’s hatred, hoarded weapons and made pipe bombs so he could carry out a Columbine-style school massacre to further the EDL’s anti-Muslim agenda. Like most EDL the lad believed he was a foot soldier in a race war with a swastika flag hung above his bed and scribbled into the notebook he kept were outlines for the plan to kill teachers, pupils, council workers and Muslims. The notebook was filled with EDL slogans, swastikas and details about how the EDL member of the Leicester “division” would go about causing as much death and destruction as possible.

The EDL’s protestations about being against extremism can be seen for what they are…

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