Ahead of their #Bradford hate tour the #EDL announce a new Führer.

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With just two days to go before the English Defence League bring their hate tour to Bradford a rushed meeting of their regional organisers was called and they chose Tim Ablitt to run the organisation in the wake of Tommy and Kev’s departure. Not unsurprisingly the members had no vote on this.


Tim is not an unknown quantity: back in 2010 he was arrested by Dorset serious crime unit on suspicion of planning to bomb a mosque and in 2011 he joined the British Freedom Party, an openly fascist party which was set up by BNP members who split after the party was forced to allow non-whites into its ranks, as an organiser for them.

It appears our fears have been realised and that the fascists have now taken complete control of the EDL, we can expect the Nazi saluting, ayran race warriors to be out in force for…

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