Greece: When the state turns antifa


Greece: When the state turns antifa

A detailed history of the rise and fall of the Golden Dawn, and the Greek government’s complicity.

Golden Dawn (GD), as we knew it, is over. Their leader N. Michaloliakos is behind bars, along with other prominent members, while those who survived the first purge are facing added charges that emerged a few days after the first arrests. While this was happening, a number of their offices around Greece have closed down, the state funding they received has been stopped, and reports indicate that many of their members (ex or current) are forming lines outside the High Court to testify against the organization. These testimonies are used as key evidence in the legal proceedings, leading among other things to the finding of hidden weapons[1]. Even if the legal case does not bring most of GD’s members to prison, the inside fighting is bound to create enough damage to forbid the…

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3 responses to “Greece: When the state turns antifa

  1. FUCK EM’

    I gotta give up to the Antis all over. You deal with was crazy ass, dangerous people and you do it because you want to. You all are true anti-heroes.

    I really hate the word hero unless you’re talking about a sandwich.

    • Thelibertylamp

      “A hero aint nothing but a sandwich”…that was a book I read as a kid, wasn’t it?

      • Clem Fetsmunker, Current Miss America and Armpit Fartist

        That line makes me think of a sub with a superman cape flying out of Blimpies. That actually would make a great claymation show. A caped footlong sandwich fighting crime on the streets of Breadopolis saving us from the dreaded Dr. Wrap and his fascist Panninis of Doom.

        Golden Dawn guy looks like his is trying to take a really big shit. Maybe it was some non-greeks who kept him from using the bathroom one day and he has been constipated ever since and so he takes out his rage on others.

        “Are those damned foreigners using your toilets, it is time we fight back – Join Golden Dawn today, Greek Toilets for Greek Asses!”