Coming to an e-Bookstore … Sometime … Maybe …

Special Note: We wanted to avoid mentioning this person on our blog but this is too funny…this woman is whacked out of her head. She is a nasty racist who thinks that if she pulls out the “I’m 1/10000000 American Indian” card it makes her not a racist. She has a weird fetish for confederate flags sees boogiemen and invisible monsters under her bed.
I don’t think we need to dwell on her, but she is worth a good laugh or at least someone to pity.


It’s always interesting to see what a struggling fiction author who been reduced to self-publishing her own infrequent work plans to do next … or down the road (perhaps way down the road). I’m sure many of you can’t wait to read what will come next from the keyboard of this Pensacola-based author and maker of many dust jackets:

Chastain Book One

One would think that all the author (who wants to be called “C. L. Ward” for the moment … don’t want to associate this sort of stuff with “Chastain,” right? Ashamed?) needed to do was to weave together a series of her blog posts, although that might be fantasy fiction (not unlike that self-published by one of her dear friends).

But wait … there’s more:

Chastain Book 2

Oh my.

We can now expect to be treated to a series of posts talking about this forthcoming work that will prove longer than the…

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