“…suspended by their necks”

I can't relax in Greece

By katerina Kati and Maria Dima


Chilling documents emerge from the court case against Golden Dawn: the blood-thirsty oath of storm troops, initiation of children, black propaganda and plans of mass murder of opponents.

Photographic documents of Golden Dawn members saluting in a Nazi fashion in front of Golden Dawn’s symbols and wearing Ku Klux Klan outfit. Videos of oath-giving ceremonies by which candidate members are welcomed in the core of the organization, priding themselves to be Nazi, promises for gallows, pre-election public statements by the leader of the Nazi formation regarding their opponents that “we will do away with them once and for all”, Goebels-inspired propaganda texts and much more constitute the new evidence that come to light with the voluminous case against Golden Dawn.

Hard evidence that come to justify the judicial authorities, who have characterized Golden Dawn as a ‘criminal organization’, and ordered the detention of its…

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