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Introducing Indianapolis AFP Organizer and White Nationalist Bradley Dunlap

Brad Dunlap Playing Two Sides Against the Middle.

Brad Dunlap Playing Two Sides Against the Middle.

From South Side Antifa

Brad Dunlap Returns to WN Activism After Turning Informant for Antifa

Last year we outed white nationalist Brad Dunlap who lives in from Greenwood, Indiana. We first came across Dunlap on, the worlds largest white supremacist forum, where he is known as “Bradsterious”. Bradleys main goal has been to organize an American Freedom Party (AFP) chapter in Indiana.

After the initial outing, which allegedly led to him being fired from his job amongst other things, Brad claimed to have left the movement. In order to prove this, Brad shared private information he had gathered on other white nationalists with us. Normally we respect someone who turns away from the white nationalist scene and aids in the destruction of it, but after his recent return to white nationalist activism (detailed below), we figured we’d share his spineless fence walking ways




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Exposing Indiana Neo Nazis Trevor D Thompson and Troy “Bird” Cooper

HARM is an excellent group! Welcome back!

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Private Info on Traditionalist Youth Network Released

Oh LOL!!!


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More on the crisis in the Ukraine


“Volatile” does not even come close to describing the current political landscape in the Ukraine. As of the day this post is published, President Viktor Yanukovych has taken a “sick leave” and talks have stalled; prime minister Mykola Azarov resigned on the 27th of January and the parliament voted to repeal the anti-protest laws— though the laws won’t officially be repealed until the president signs off on them.

Now again, we feature work from our comrades in the Ukraine, this time in an interview with “This interview with a comrade from the Autonomous Workers’ Union in Kiev was done on January 28, 2014. It sheds some light on the events around the Maidan: the array of reasons behind the protests, their focus on the hated president, the differences to the “orange revolution”, the role of the right, the weakness of social struggles and possible scenarios.

Here, they discuss the involvement of ultra-nationalist and neo-nazi groups in the protests:

Q: Right-wing parties and fascist groups play a role in the protests. How important are they actually? Do they get much support? How do other protesters relate to them?

A: Far right party Svoboda is the most organized of the three large political forces trying to control the protest. They are the only party which has real active cells in various regions, actual activist base. So, as the most organized and the most ideological of the three, they are gaining the most. Apart from Svoboda, there is an umbrella coalition of neo-nazi militant groups. It is called Right Sector. They were formed in the beginning of the protests, and by now they’ve succeeded to gain enormous prominence and conquer sympathies from apolitical and liberal people. They are mostly famous by their demonstrative militancy and aggression, and the public doesn’t see anything wrong with these cute young patriots. Lately, the same pattern repeats in other regions, where neo-nazi football hooligans turned out to be the main assault force fighting the police and pro-government thugs.

The fascist hegemony was indisputable until January 19th, when the protests were joined by lots of other people – random apolitical citizens, liberals and even the left. That happened because the agenda of the protests shifted to repealing the “dictatorship laws” passed on January 16. Since then they had to step back a bit but nevertheless it’s obvious that in the long run these protests will enormously benefit the far right, whoever wins. In the case of the victory of the opposition, they will surely get themselves the police forces, special services etc. If Yanukovych wins, this means that half of the country will become firm supporters of the far-right as supposedly the only patriotic radical force able to confront the dictator.

Meanwhile, most left activists also joined the protests after January 19 because those laws will severely damage them as well. They found their niche in infrastructural activities, such as vigils in emergency hospitals: they stay there in order to prevent police and thugs kidnap the wounded. Other area of left activity is the above mentioned attempt at igniting the political strike.

Read the entire interview here.

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Neo-Nazi Jobbik party blockaded in London

Anti-Fascist Network

Hungarian far-right group Jobbik were chased across London by anti-fascists on Sunday as their leader Gábor Vona visited the UK to try and drum up votes from ex-pat Hungarians living in London ahead of elections.

Despite calls from MEPs and other politicians to ban Vona’s entry in to the UK and a 14,000 signature petition sent to the Home Secretary by Hope not Hate, Theresa May was strangely relaxed about this particular immigrant and Vona was not denied entry. Thus it was left to anti-fascists on the streets to oppose the arrival of “the most successful fascist in Europe”.

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Golden Dawn gang desecrates Fyssas memorial in Keratsini

I can't relax in Greece

About 80 Golden Dawn members marched through Keratsini unopposed by the police and assaulted nearby squat


On Saturday afternoon a Golden Dawn “assault squad” comprised of about 80 members marched to the scene of PavlosFyssas’ murder and ripped down a memorial banner, before assaulting the nearby Resalto squat. The neo-Nazi gang also dropped leaflets and spray painting nationalist slogans.

Video footage and eye witness report from the assault shows that police units maintained a passive stance and did not intervene in the attacks. After the attack against the squat was repelled, about 400 squatters, anarchists and local residents organized an anti-fascist demonstration in Amfiali.

The Fyssas family issued a statement condemning the attack and noted that “it is obvious that their goals is not just to bully and terrorize our family, but Greek society as a whole and they are a knife wound to us all, as…

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While Fyssas was being murdered, policemen were ordered not to intervene!

I can't relax in Greece


According to fresh evidence, which aroused from police transcripts from the night that Pavlos Fyssas was murdered in Keratsini on September 18, the police motorcycle unit (Dias) that was present at the scene was ordered not to intervene. Fyssas’ girlfriend has previously testified that the police had remained inactive during the incident, despite her pleas for help.

A magistrate in Piraeus, who is investigating Fyssas’ murder, has requested the new data that are associated with the case file of the criminal organization Golden Dawn. In the transcripts, communication between Dias police unit and the police rapid response center, minutes before and after the murder, is recorded.

Among other things, a policeman is heard saying that 20 Golden Dawn members informed them that they had a conflict with anarchists. Minutes after the murderous attack and while Dias police units appear to search for possible individuals involved, the transcripts reveal that they…

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