Golden Dawn: Nazi indoctrination (even) to their own children!

I can't relax in Greece



A new series of pictures were recovered by the personal computers of accused members in which the organization is revealed as a nazi gang with a military structure.

The military structure of GoldenDawn is confirmed by new police findings which are added to the already voluminous case against MP’s and members of the organization who already are confronted with the courts of justice.

The new material is chilling, not only because it shows Nikaia’s Golden Dawn group members taking selfies while posing with weapons even on their beds, but also because young kids imitate their fathers and salute in a nazi way. […]

The new evidence emerging from searching the computers and cell phones of the members of the parliament Nikos Michos and Ilias Panayiotaros, as well as those of cell leaders in Nikaia Giorgos Patelis and Yiannis Kazantzoglou,  proves beyond any doubt the close relationship between…

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