Golden Dawn gang desecrates Fyssas memorial in Keratsini

I can't relax in Greece

About 80 Golden Dawn members marched through Keratsini unopposed by the police and assaulted nearby squat


On Saturday afternoon a Golden Dawn “assault squad” comprised of about 80 members marched to the scene of PavlosFyssas’ murder and ripped down a memorial banner, before assaulting the nearby Resalto squat. The neo-Nazi gang also dropped leaflets and spray painting nationalist slogans.

Video footage and eye witness report from the assault shows that police units maintained a passive stance and did not intervene in the attacks. After the attack against the squat was repelled, about 400 squatters, anarchists and local residents organized an anti-fascist demonstration in Amfiali.

The Fyssas family issued a statement condemning the attack and noted that “it is obvious that their goals is not just to bully and terrorize our family, but Greek society as a whole and they are a knife wound to us all, as…

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One response to “Golden Dawn gang desecrates Fyssas memorial in Keratsini

  1. These people are just running roughshod. Is this reckless behaviour going unchecked?