Jamie Corne of Presstorm threatens President Obama in unbelievable racist rant

In our ongoing mission to provide top quality lulz by documenting the downward spiral of horrible people, we revisit future prison inmate Jamie Jo Corne. Chronicle.Su reports:

“I will spit on you, motherfucker.”

“I will spit on you, motherfucker.”

INTERNET — Former convicted street racer, recidivist, and prison escapee Jamie Jo Corne was, until October 2011, a central figure for Anonymous hacktivists as founder and executive editor of Presstorm, progenitor to the controversial YourAnonNews corporation.

Corne leveraged her powerful voice as head of Presstorm to criticize the nascent Occupy movement, a very unpopular opinion among her allies in Anonymous. This coupled with mounting evidence of Corne’s involvement in overtly racist marches and exposure of her criminal past spelled the end to Corne’s days in Anonymous, and Corne’s staff at Presstorm dramatically mutinied as Denial of Service attacks shuttered the site.

In the wake of this traumatic loss of power, Corne caught herself from the fall in an impressive feat of mental gymnastics which inflated her own sense of control when it was at its weakest. By framing her involvement with Anonymous as an “investigation” – 10 Months Into a Deviant Subculture on the Internet – Corne invoked the ever-popular “social engineer” alibi, inventing manipulations and exaggerations beyond those she was already well known for.

In the years since Presstorm, Corne has slipped out of Anonymous regalia and into a redneck guise. After history replayed itself in the recent Anonymous-like falling-out with the Patriot Freedom Network, Corne posted an intensely racist rant which culminated in a cringe-inducing call for farmers to ride their herds into Washington DC and burn all their paper money.

Corne also, unbelievably, seems to have openly called for violent action against President Obama, threatening, (7:30) “This fuckin’ nigger in the office from Kenya has GOT TO GO! . . . Niggers are traitors against the American People! You wanna be a nigger? Fine be a nigger, but you’ll get a bullet in your fuckin’ head for doin’ so.”

In the direct aftermath of Corne’s permanent ban from Patriot Freedom Network, Corne also stated that she has only one year left to live due to terminal metastatic brain cancer. Is this cancer yet another manipulative ruse inspired by butthurt, like her so-called Anonymous Investigation? If Corne is truly on death’s door, this racist message hinting at presidential assassination only seems all the more terrifying.



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6 responses to “Jamie Corne of Presstorm threatens President Obama in unbelievable racist rant

  1. Nancy

    I’ve known Jamie for a few years now and she claimed she had brain and breast cancer 18 months ago. I have never seen a more healthy person – she is a know liar and I don’t believe it. How is it that she isn’t in jail or at the very least being interviewed by the secret service????? What a piece of work. She is my favorite train wreck.

    • Thelibertylamp

      Hey Nan!

      Good to hear from you. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that there are some people paying attention to this.

      • Nancy

        And its always good to hear from you too!. What amazes me is the following she gathers – there are actually people who think she is so right on! But so did Jim Jones. For most people its hard to imagine that someone with her level of mental illness can still be a functional person so they don’t believe it but once you get to know her……………………..

        • Thelibertylamp

          She gathers people and then burns them, so nothing seems to last long. I think she is losing this new audience of hers.

          Again, I am glad to see you, ((((HUGS))) hope your beautiful family is well.

          BTW- we just put up a new Jamie Corne article just now, if you want to check it out!