Philadelphia KSS Exposed


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  1. If these people are so pathetic and powerless as to have to inflate their numbers, why do you go to so much effort to bother them? Is it for sport? I would think caring people like yourselves would want to do somthing positive.

    • Thelibertylamp

      First of all “Maureen” (lol!) if you apply your limited reading comprehension skills you will see that this post is a reblog from our comrades in PA.

      I know paying attention to detail can be a challenge for you folks, like your friend Rob Freeman aka MINDWEAPON (a chubby middle-aged dork who plays too many video games!) who can’t tell the difference between Leonard Zakim, who has been deceased since 1999 and Leonard Zeskind who is the person who actually wrote the article poor little Robby was whining about.

      We reblogged it because it is a decent article with good info.

      What their article does not go into is why KSS has any kind of significance.

      We know KSS are all losers and their numbers are not anything to brag about; most of the WN cult groups don’t bring in big crowds. They are still connected to Steve Smith who is one of your A3P buddies out of PA.

      Stevie is trying to infiltrate himself into hick town mainstream Republican politics, which is the MO in your A3P playbook.

      You don’t think we are going to sit back and let that go any further, do you?

      We care about not allowing fascism to take over the planet— least of all our own back yards.

  2. So you don’t like my Irish name? That’s not very nice! I am from a working class Irish family, thus the Prolly Irish name.

    Is this Smith a fascist? I don’t follow him, to be honest.

    Personally, I am not a facist. I don’t know what you would call me. Whatever the Zionists are, that’s what I am. They have the right idea, getting themselves a Jewish homeland while promoting multi-culturalism for the rest of the world. I have to admire their strategy.

    So do you support the Zionists or all they too authoritarian for you?

    • Thelibertylamp

      No, we do not support Zionism or any form of nationalism, they are all a form of Fascism.

      Our collective is Anti-Fascist aka we are Antifa and there is no authority over us.

  3. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street

    No authority over you? So you’re like a Libertarian? Or an Anarchist?

    Are you against the left wing authoritarians too? Like the ones that don’t want us to eat meat anymore? Or the ones that want us to pay for carbon credits.

    I’m sincere with my questions. I have never communicated with an anti-fascist before.

    • Thelibertylamp


      We fight fascists, period, and there are a handful of us who are on this blog and we operate as a collective.

      If people want to stuff themselves with meat or even want to drink diet coke in the shower, for that matter, *grin*, it really isn’t our focus.

      We aren’t 20 something kids in black hoodies.

      We are college educated research nerds with policy wonk experience who collected data and report the information to various blogs and media about those in the WN and rightwing extremist movements.

      • What do you get in return? You seem to deny you are paid. Do you get some sort of personal satisfaction from causing “radicals” to lose their jobs? That seems kind of unhealthy and honestly, not very effective. Sometimes people get more radical when they have less to lose.

        Honestly I hope you’re getting paid because your type of activism seems to only make us more determined.

        • Thelibertylamp

          Effective at what? Someone who supports a violent racist skinhead gang that trafficks in methamphetamine no longer has a job. Said violent racist skinhead gang is now deprived of a funding source. That’s 100% effectiveness. Here’s the sticking point– it’s something everyone who is incapable of accepting personal responsibility for their actions is guilty of– this is their own fault. Antifa didn’t “get” them fired, ARA didn’t “get” them fired– their jobs fired them. I mean, it’s really quite flattering that you believe we should receive a salary for our clearly effective work (like making neo-nazis put their blogs on private and run screaming into the night like terrified little bronies) but you also seem to think we’re supernatural beings who can snap our fingers and cause ruin to your fractured, bickering nest of in-fighting, mouth-breathing fools. No, you did this. Every no-life loser who sits in his mom’s basement all day, creating dozens of sock-puppet identities, pretending to be of the opposite gender on neo-nazi forums is doing our work for us.

          Honestly. If you don’t want to be fired from your job for being a nazi, don’t be a nazi. Do you think it’s going to help the image of your “movement,” by threatening to become “more radical” when the real world intervenes and makes you stop acting out your adolescent pipe dreams?

          • No one is selling drugs through the American Freedom Party. You’re dillusional!

            Oh nooooos! You can’t see what the Nazis are talking about anymore. Waaaaaaaaaah!

            PS. I have a “special job”. You’ll never get ME fired.

            • Thelibertylamp

              So, living in your parent’s basement with your “my little pony” collection is a “special job”?

              Yes, the Freedom 14 skinheads who started the Golden State party are the real foundation of A3P… or is it AFP ?
              Or what will it be next year?

              Tell us, do you also go to furry conventions and wear wolf ears?

              • Oh so you finally realized that the party was NOT started by the Golden State Skinheads but rather the Golden State PARTY! Oooooo you so smart.

                I’m sure the party will call itself whatever it wants just as you call yourself a lamp lady and mask your IP address. Doh!

                And where do you come up with this furry convention stuff? And Ponies??? Are you one of those Bronies?

                • Thelibertylamp

                  Our apologies, it was a different batch of methamphetamine trafficking, violent, anti-social cretins who founded A3P. You must understand that with the abundance of violent, anti-social neo-nazi thugs who traffic illegal stimulants, errors are bound to be made. Yes, it’s true, Golden State skinheads didn’t have much to do with the founding of A3P (outside of sharing membership), but a group of skinheads from Stormfront coagulated and decided to excrete the stillborn Golden State Party as a means to start A3P. This is still ridiculous– a group of nazis form a group to form a party to form another political party that ends up forming yet another political party, all within the space of four years. As for A3P and The Freedom 14, what was it that Tyler Cole —you know who Tyler Cole is– went to prison for? We know why he’s a convicted felon, we just want to hear those words come slithering out of your mouth. In fact, I don’t think we’re going to continue humoring you until you explicitly say why the chairman of the Golden State Party / A3P / AFP / WTF / OMG / BBQ / AFK / LOL went to prison for multiple felonies. We’d also like to hear you tell us why he ran like a terrified dog to Oregon, why he concealed his identity and why he concealed the fact that he’s, you know, a multiple felon.

                  The lengths you lot will go to mask your origins only makes it that much more entertaining when your entire tapestry of lies starts to unravel. Like with you claiming you knew nothing about A3P. Oops. Hey man, we feel for you– it’s tough to keep up the facade of being an innocent, doe-eyed aryan goddess when you’re just some emotionally stunted brony who latches on to extremist political movements as a means to live out a persecution fetish.

                  • Maureen Martin

                    I guess I will have to look up Tyler Cole’s background but I’m sure there are some very nice people in the party. Maybe since he has paid his debt to society, we should take him at face value that he wants to help his people. He has a child and one on the way so maybe he just wants to make sure that his kids can have good jobs and good lives, ya know? There are some parts of the country where working class Whites can’t even get jobs-the Mexicans get into positions of managment and will only hire their own people. You probably don’t care about working class Whites (I’m guess you are from an upper income Jewish family) but I do.

                    • Thelibertylamp

                      You don’t know F14 / GSP / A3P / AFP / IDGAF head honcho Tyler Cole’s background enough to know he’s a multiple felon but you do know that he has a child and his wife is pregnant? Sure, we believe that– just like we believe you’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell us.

                      Why was Tyler Cole sent to prison? You obviously know the answer, or else you wouldn’t have tried to shift the goal. Stop trying to squirm your way out of it– just tell us plainly why Tyler Cole is a multiple felon. Don’t use any weasel words like “apparently” or “allegedly,” because his court records are public knowledge. Just say it. Tell us how he’s supposed to be representing the “honor” of the “white working class” when he’s nothing more than a narrow-minded street thug with delusions of grandeur.