White man march? What men?

how sad...

how sad…

Apparently, there was a thing a few weeks past called the “White Man March.” The plot is the same one we’ve heard over and over and over– “White men! Demonstrate to protect your race from eradication! Diversity is anti-white genocide!” We didn’t write anything about this before it happened because we surmised that it would end up like every other sort of “mass global action” with minimal preparation– in complete failure. We should start playing the lottery, because we sure picked this right.

Kyle Hunt a 30 yr old neck-beard who lives in his rich father's basement.

Kyle Hunt a 30 yr old neck-beard who lives in his rich father’s basement.

Kyle Hunt, the “man” who “organized” the “White Man March” reused a common tactic among people with no base and no capability to organize. That is as follows: quietly release a statement to sympathetic internet communities, promising a “mass day of global action.” The “mass” and “global” parts are key, because they prevent you from having to commit to any attendance figures at a set location– and you can issue a mewling, milquetoast press release after the action claiming “victory” because only five people showed up in three locations in various parts of the world. It doesn’t matter that your messianic hallucinations of throngs in the streets chanting your chants are hopelessly crushed as long as you are able to master the art of self-delusion and convince yourself that you are not a toothless failure. We also knew the “White Man March” was going to be a non-event when we saw the addendum to your initial press release: that attendees should try to blend in with the general public as much as possible, by wearing khakis, nice shirts and sunglasses. Well gosh! Not only are you incapable of committing to attendance numbers or locations, you’re also making it so that you can’t tell march participants apart from the general public.

So, your general strategy was to take a bunch of stock photographs of downtown cityscapes and exclaim “SEE?! LOOK AT ALL THE WHITE PEOPLE WEARING KHAKIS AND SUNGLASSES IN THESE PICTURES! WE HAD OVER NINE THOUSAND MARCHERS IN EVERY CITY!” wasn’t it, Kyle?

We’d be really embarrassed for Kyle and all of his cowardly, sniveling keyboard commandos who latched on to this anemic, empty gesture– if they didn’t already embarrass themselves by being white nationalists. Let’s prolong their shame by displaying a gallery of the “crowds of people” who showed up– and if you can’t tell by now, we’re being sarcastic. Remember, this is what “success” looks like to white nationalists like Brad Griffin and Kyle Hunt.



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9 responses to “White man march? What men?

    • Thelibertylamp

      Yeah…pretty much so…this is what happens when they try to bring the fairytales that are swimming around in their pointy heads into the real world….they also still believe the south is going to secede… it’s the cult of coo-coo…

      • They’re in dreamland! These fools actually believe they are oppressed. There’s still hope though. Kyle could always be a stand up comedian.lol

        • Thelibertylamp

          I think Kyle might take the flip route and pretend he is one of us and try to hook up with the SPLC and do “speaking tours”.

          I do admire Nazis who are able to get out, but, in a way it burns me up that they fuck up by being Nazis, then can claim they are turned around and then cash in.

          It would not surprise if this stupid advantaged kid’s parents pulled some strings by making large donations to the right people, and then he is on Oprah making big $$$s by talking about his new book about his wrongful Nazi journey and how he is now a good boy.

          It would be just another extension of his white privilege