Updates on National Anarchist infiltrations in the New York area


In a recent interview with a fascist Dutch Magazine NATA‘s commander, Craig Fitzgerald, boasted that despite being rejected by all anarchists in NY for their support of White Nationalism and Holocaust denial, they are “Continuing to collaborate with groups as diverse as We Are Change, Occupy Wall Street, Earth First [Likely untrue, see update], the Libertarian Party and others.”

Here’s some of NATA’s most active faces. If his claims are true, hopefully these collaborators will find this post and kick the scum from their ranks.

Donald Pomeroy

Pomeroy at NATA's November "Spiritual Anarchy" event Pomeroy at NATA’s November “Spiritual Anarchy” event

A former Columbia student and software writer currently living in Connecticut, Pomeroy skirts the scenes of “voluntaryism” (anarcho-capitalism) and Occidentalism (Nationalistic European romanticism). He joined the National-Anarchist fray this November by renting the backroom of a Williamsburg bar under the pretense of a birthday party. In reality, the event was a NATA social…

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4 responses to “Updates on National Anarchist infiltrations in the New York area

  1. That fucking We Are Change is getting more and more fascist as the days go by. Their low key leader Alex Jones is a fucking walnut.