Some Flaggers and Their Friend … Brian Pace

Good job!


You’ve heard it before: those darn bloggers are going after the Virginia Flaggers by suggesting that they are friends with white supremacists. What falsehood! How unfair!


Take the case of one Brian Pace. Mr. Pace is a southern nationalist. He runs an online store and has a website. He’s been involved in Mississippi politics, where his presence became an issue with some Republicans. And here’s what he’s said on a message board about the Ku Klux Klan:

WhiteCSA My Name Is Brian Pace A

WhiteCSA Our Klan Movement A

WhiteCSA Our Klan A

And whom might Brian Pace count among his friends?

Susan Hathaway Friend A

Tripp Lewis Friend A

Billy Bearden Friend A

This should come as no surprise to anyone … although we await more non-denial denials, just as we heard them when we highlighted the links between the Virginia Flaggers and Matthew Heimbach.

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4 responses to “Some Flaggers and Their Friend … Brian Pace

  1. I don’t need to call the klan on the phone to find out what there are about; I can just pick up a history book.

    • Thelibertylamp

      Hey Ty,

      Or you can watch the movie “Birth of a Nation” …. it’s their manifesto …