Kyle Hunt; Leader of the White Man March RESIGNS!!!



Maybe it was all the attention from the media. Maybe his own white power cult zombies didn’t trust him. Maybe, just maybe it’s because he is a basement dweller in his wealthy parents’ Mashpee, Massachusetts home, and one of his parents might have a prominent career– like … maybe … a doctor? (Hmmmmmm?)

The list of speculations is endless, but what we do know is that Kyle Hunt’s “White Man March” site is gone; it redirects to an even more lame and ineffective site. Hence, the public might be spared from Kyle’s whining hodgepodge of blathering gibberish– but fear not, we found the cache!

This is the END!

This is the END!

Here is the full text of Kyle’s good-bye letter.

We know we are not the first to report on this– David Neiwart wrote this up for the SPLC yesterday.

Does this also mean the end of his radio show: “Renegade”? (how much of a “renegade” can you be if you’re a rich son of a prominent professional?)

Will this be the last we see of this trust-fund Nazi? We’re sure that the twelve people who participated in the “white man march” are crushed.


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9 responses to “Kyle Hunt; Leader of the White Man March RESIGNS!!!

  1. It’s sad to see him go.

    Pops a bug in his ear, “either you drop your bullshit or get the hell outta here. You are not gonna ruin my practice with your garbage.”

  2. Never heard of him. But I’m kind of curious as to how many people actually came to that event. Couldn’t have been too many I

  3. Whocares

    YES!!!! Kyle Hunt stopped being WHITE and decided to GIVE UP!

    He did NONE of those things -BUT we’ll pretend he did because we need SOME type of victory after they humiliated us and sent us on wild goose chases with publicity stunts!

    • Thelibertylamp

      U Mad?

    • Hans Fetsmünkerstein, Kraftwerk Roadie unt Nihilist

      In really exaggerated and bad German accent: “Oh no vee are so hümiliated, yah. Vee vill go unt cry because zee Kyle Hünt made us so hümiliated with his tiny little march and his crappy little webensiten. Oh Boo unt hoo. Boo unt hoo. Our Goosen ist cooken”