Mayday marchers confront white racists at White House

DC Direct Action News

On the 1st of, a Mayday march hundreds strong arrived at the White House to confront 9 white supremacists.

Video of the confrontation with the racists

The inbound Mayday march The inbound Mayday march

Nine racists. The bicycle fence barricade is below the sight line of this photo Nine racists. The bicycle fence barricade is below the sight line of this photo

    The "troll supremacy" banner used to keep a drunk racist out of people's faces The “troll supremacy” banner used to keep a drunk racist out of people’s faces

The racists hid behind a massive police presence including barrricades and even a cop with a grenade launcher, except for one who appeared to be drunk. The drunk racist was challenging people to fight, but never strayed far from his police protection. He was a few feet in front of the barricades, and was eventually isolated from contact with anti-racist activists be a reinforced “Troll Supremacy” banner. With orange netting on the banner, cheers of “kettle them!” went up when the banner was deployed.

Finally two African-American cops ordered the drunk racist…

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28 responses to “Mayday marchers confront white racists at White House

    • Thelibertylamp

      Yes Scott Terry, you want attention because you were with the people at Malcolm X Park.

      You wore a guy Fawkes mask and helped move equipment.

      Next time, why don’t you show up earlier so you can help move the equipment to the park and help set up?

      Roadies are always wanted and needed.

      And since brawn is probably your only viable contribution to humanity we might as well be able to use you for the right causes.

      At least it will help keep you from raping babies for your imaginary sky spook.

      • If only we could keep you guys from killing them…

        • Thelibertylamp

          So, you are against abortion so you can have the babies around to rape them?

          Okay…just so we have this straight…stopping an unwanted fetus that is really just a blob of flesh=bad, but raping live born babies = good.

          And this is the world of Scott Terry and his sad and pathetic sex fantasies …

          • I’m not sure why you’re talking about “raping babies” (a disgusting image I had thought was even below your sort), but I suspect it’s because I’ve publicly claimed to be a Divine Command Theorist.

            One of the criticisms against divine command theory, is that God could, on an arbitrary whim, command horrible things, and all Divine Command Theorists would be obligated to obey.


            1. If God were the sort of God who would command horrible thing X…

            2. …and if God actually *does* command horrible thing X,

            3. …and if I were a Divine Command Theorist…

            Then: I’d be obligated to do horrible thing X.


            Of course, in that sort of world, we’d have no way of saying that “horrible thing X” really was “horrible” since our understanding of what is and isn’t horrible would depend on God’s decree.

            What I don’t understand is how someone who (presumably) derives their moral understanding from their own arbitrary emotion, can object to some other agent issuing commands based on arbitrary emotion.

            In that situation, the only objection to “horrible thing X” would be: “I don’t like horrible thing X”.

            …and that’s simply not a serious objection.

            You should read my entire article. I had hoped your side might appreciate my reconcilliatory gesture…assuming you have actual human emotions…(which most in our camp doubt).

            • Thelibertylamp

              Alex Botten: You have told me as well, that if your god told you to, you would rape babies!

              YOU: Why wouldn’t I as a Christian? I mean if God tells me to do something I’m obligated to do it.

              That’s you, saying that, in this clip:

              It’s from this longer interview.

              Why are we talking about it? Because you are one imaginary “whisper in your head” away from doing it.

              • You’re one arbitrary whim away from murdering an unborn infant.

                At least I have a God who has revealed a set of unchanging standards. And He has revealed that doing horrible things to infants is (in most cases) wrong (excepting the cleansing of the Holy Land, of course…when wiping out enemies was fine).

                I don’t see the problem…

                • Thelibertylamp

                  All you have is the little voices in your head chattering conversations about sky spook myths and lack of touch with reality.

                  How long before you go the way of your buddy Glenn Miller?

                  The way I see it, you’re either a burrito short of a combo meal or your psycho blather is Hal Turner style provocateur scripted.

                  One way it will all come out in the end, it always does…

                  • Philosophy is psycho blather, lol … well played intellectual elite, … well played.

                    • Thelibertylamp

                      You wouldn’t know intellectualism if it bit you in your crazy ass.

                      If you’re a Gov paid provocateur, go home, you have no business here.

                      If you’re really this crazy, let’s just hope they take your ass down before you hurt innocent people.

                • Clem Fetsmunker, summer ski instructor and plastic knife sharpener

                  The Christian religions are wrought with inconsistencies and changes. Look at how many different sects there are. Hell you even yourself said it changed because of some cleansing B.S. You use your religion as a crutch to try and justify whatever you want and condemn what you don’t.

                  You could care less about babies or really anyone but yourself. The only reason you mention them is because you can’t argue for any of your “beliefs” so you want to deflect on others.

                  I have a piece of advice for you Scott, start thinking for yourself instead of letting mindless white supremacists and religion do it for you.

                  • I care about all of you guys (and gals).

                    By the way:

                    If I follow the advice of someone who tells me to “think for myself”, would I really be thinking for myself?

                    • Thelibertylamp

                      Scott, you’re nuts. I think you’re lonely and need friends, and a good part of that is because YOU’RE NUTS!

                      My suggestion is to use those old Navy bennies and check yourself into some sort of psych care, even if it is weekly therapy.

                      You have a bundle of issues, which include boundary and filter problems, as well as problems connecting with the real world.

                      You might not even be a bad guy, but your mind is not well, and combining it the amount of drinking you do you are heading down the path of being the next mass shooter.

                    • Meh … I get all the psychoanalysis I need from you guys.

                      And I think we could all use more friends.

                    • Thelibertylamp

                      Scott, can I ask you, how many years did you serve in the navy?

                      Did you serve full term or did you have to get out on discharge?

                    • Let’s meet up at the next protest, and I’ll tell you all about it.

                    • Thelibertylamp

                      I don’t need to meet up with you to get that 411, I just thought I’d ask first.

                      BTW Scott, can I ask you what was the purpose of going to the park and hanging out and marching with everyone?

                      Was there anything you were looking for? Do you really need a vegan lentil soup recipe that badly?

                      I just don’t understand what your goal was in all this.

                      You said everyone was nice to you, nobody tried to pick fights or plan anything harmful, what were you looking for?

                    • Like I said in my article – just to get to know them. To help put a “human” face on the mob.

                    • Thelibertylamp

                      Well, now you know and they are nice people, you even admit that.

                    • Yeah – it’s the heat of protest when the fangs come out (on both sides).

                    • Thelibertylamp

                      Well, there were no fights even when Tremley from your side was drunk and belligerent.

                      Nothing happened when the 2000 immigration rights marchers from Casa de Maryland went past either, they just sort of laughed at your group and kept going. They were just students and families.

                      Occupy isn’t really in the cities anymore, like they were last year. So, this year what you had were all local people and activists who don’t want trouble in their own town.
                      Maybe you should try this at the big May Day in NYC? That would prove pretty interesting…

                    • Clem Fetsmunker, 1960s cosmonaut and lightbulb duster

                      Well buck-o you certainly aren’t doing that now. You can listen to others you just don’t need to blindly follow them.

                      I think this country has had enough of the Glenn MIller Orchestra. We get it white people are better because they have David Hasselhoff and easy cheese, black people are the devil because of watermelon and large peni and Jews are bad because some rich Christians own the media. You have made your point and your buddies have done enough killing and threatening and inappropriate sexual stuff.

                      It’s great you have found something you are good at by becoming a mouthpiece and a puppet for this bullshit. However there are better things in life. Consensual sex, long walks on the beach, fried pickles, and unicycling for instance. Maybe try one of those things instead of being a WP Robot.

                    • Would you say I’m more like Wall-E, Clem, or T-1000?

                    • Thelibertylamp

                      I’d say you were more like “Calculon”

  1. You guys need to get on the ball and get the “Occupy” movement back up and rocking. Tell George Soros to let off the purse strings.

    I may not have agreed with everything everyone in the movement believed, but I was glad to see it happening.

    As for my friend Tremley – he’s a good guy if you get to know him.

    • Thelibertylamp

      Occupy is over, and I was never an “Occupier”, not my thing.

      I sit at a desk, drink coffee and research, but my eyes and ears are everywhere.

      • Maybe if you weren’t so mean to people, you’d be able to get out from behind the desk more often?

        • Thelibertylamp

          “I’m pleasant. Damn it! I saw Drum Eatenton at the Piggly Wiggly this morning, and I smiled at the son of a bitch ‘fore I could help myself.”