Update: Kidnapping?



As you may have heard, there’s a story circulating about a possible kidnapping of a child by a person well-known to the Virginia Flaggers. The story had been updated here; I first mentioned this story here. Kevin Levin mentioned the story here.

Here’s an image of the woman complete with Flagger ballcap:

flaggers 1

Guess from the picture heading this post that we can say that the woman in question is no stranger to Susan Hathaway, although we’ve seen in the past how Susan has her picture taken with people, then denies knowing anything about them. We’ve heard that excuse before, yet well all know how much Susan and her friends like to have their picture taken.

flaggers 2

Why, hi there, Grayson Jennings! Hey there, Billy Bearden!

We expect the denials and excuses to start pouring in the moment this post appears.

We hope the little girl is safe and…

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4 responses to “Update: Kidnapping?

  1. These people have histories of hanging out with pedophiles and all manner of degenerates. For someone to expose their children to these fuckers is insane and their parenting skills need to be questioned.

    • Thelibertylamp

      Hey you!! I am glad to see you I was getting worried about you! Yes, her parenting skills were questioned which is why I think the father of the baby had custody of the child. She stole and kidnapped the baby because she has on the Ron Paul/Alex Jones tinfoil hat route and only wants her baby to be educated in southern white nationalism and not the “liberal lies” of southern slavery and black history.
      There are photos of the baby playing with bullets around guns and other sick disgusting things.
      I hope when they catch her she gets locked up for a long long time.

      • I wasn’t aware that she did the deed I was thinking it happened to her. Oh well, I have to dig deep to give a shit about these folk. And to bad the children are included in that.

        I’m always around I just don’t make my presence known as much. Kinda tired of a lot of things.