Racism- They keep changing the rules

Kushite Kingdom

This is a clip from the new film Hidden Colors 3. Tariq Nasheed gives a great break down on how the rules of racism keep changing on us. Black people have been bending over backwards to be accepted by white people.  We have done everything possible to be included into the mainstream…….but it never happens. We keep getting denied. I think it’s time to change our way of thinking a bit. The cartoon is somewhat humorous but it still drives home the point very well. I have Hidden Colors 1 and 2 and you should check them both out. I found the to be very educational. Hidden Coors 3 looks to be just as good as the others. I think when it comes to racism,many are still confused. many black people still don’t seem to know how racism operates or the real definition of it. Here are a few definitions…

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11 responses to “Racism- They keep changing the rules

  1. Thought you’d be interested listening to this interview. It’s Kyle Hunt on Red Ice radio whining about how oppressed white men are now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrKExAMamjY

    • Thelibertylamp

      Oh poor poor Kyle!! His rich Dr daddy and their million $ home, his life is so hard and he is so oppressed!! Poor baby! (LOL!)

    • Clem Fetsmunker, cherry Coors inventor and edible underwear model

      I was at a grocery store and all there was, was one black person checking people out. I had to wait 3 minutes to buy hummus. If there had been a white man there things would have gone faster because they would have had two checkout people. White people have for too long been oppressed by the lack of checkout people at the grocery store I was at last night.

      Teh stormsfront is supar kewl.

      • I was at the library and this white lady was on the computer that a needed and when she got up there were lice everywhere. If that had been a black person there it wouldn’t have been any lice there. For far too long white have been leaving lice all over the place.

        War On The Horizon this the absolute beginning and ending of all white oppression.

  2. Thanks for the reblog! I really appreciate it.