Is White Nationalist Brad Griffin aka Hunter Wallace Heading to #Ferguson?


Brad Griffin, who goes by the pen name “Hunter Wallace,” has been involved with the White Nationalist scene for a number of years. He has a long running blog called “Occidental Dissent” and is looking to take over the Council of Conservative Citizens (formally the White Citizen’s Council) which his father in law Gordon Baum had founded.

We have not talked too much about Brad on this blog as we really don’t see Brad as a major threat to humanity. He mostly just writes long winded articles expressing his yearning for a southern fantasyland of mint juleps and white privilege. He doesn’t go on tyrannical, insane rants like Michael Hill; who runs the League of the South, another white nationalist group that Brad is involved with.

Unlike the other chuckleheads he plays around with, Brad is fairly intelligent and literate. He has bumped heads with some of the movement’s more extreme and dangerous types like Craig Cobb because of his more mainstream outlook. But is this changing? As One People’s Project points out

Really, Brad?

Really, Brad?

Brad is going to Ferguson with THIS FLAG?

Brad is going to Ferguson with THIS FLAG?

Brad has been feeling his oats with the long string of multiple small rallies that were mostly unnoticed by the public. Although ignored, Brad seems to view these as some sort of momentum for his cause and is most likely wanting to take this further as his rhetoric is getting even more stupid:
Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 5.06.20 PM

We think he is heading to Ferguson to an event to support the killer cop Darren Wilson:

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 5.24.44 PM

If anyone in in Ferguson should see a flag with this symbol, it is the racist, white nationalist flag of the League of the South:

League of the South symbol

League of the South symbol

Please take as many photos as you can of it and tweet to @OnePeoplesProj , or send/ forward it to One People’s Project.


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4 responses to “Is White Nationalist Brad Griffin aka Hunter Wallace Heading to #Ferguson?

  1. I just reblogged this over at tumblr.

    I had a brief conversation with this person a few years ago and it was an exercise in “why bother?” He is so stuck in a mindset that if proof fucked him good he would still ask to see if it really wore a condom. Just hopelessly lost in whiteness while riding a high horse that’s really just a broken nag.

    Yes, please go to Ferguson where a bunch of people are sick of entitled white folk. And let’s hope someone separates you from your arrogance with a straight razor.

    • The Lamp

      We think he’s playing a game, but, just in case we want people to know what that stupid flag is if it does make a presence this weekend.

      Thank you for the reshare ❤

      Good to see you, you are always in our thoughts here.